Volvo on Call Compatible with the Apple Watch

The car company Volvo has developed a Volvo On Call application for its cars. The device is now compatible with the Apple Watch and Android Wear.

Volvo on Call: New Connectivity

For the majority of us Park his car in the parking lot of a hypermarket is easy, but when it comes time to find her… it is complicated! The Volvo On Call application, which is available for the models Volvo in 2012 and beyond, can quickly find his car in guiding us towards it. It is also possible to Activate horns and flashing to find her faster. The application can also tell us how many liters of fuel remains in the tank or even allow us to control the heating of the car remotely on winter days.

Volvo On Call is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. The device is also compatible with the new watch Apple or Android though, Wear. Indeed, Volvo has announced a series of updates on his Volvo On Call application, which offers a new connectivity thanks to the smart watches defined by relationshipsplus. The system is therefore set to give motorists a new remote control of their car. Watches complement and can even replace smartphones to remote control cars.

Control Your Car with Your Watch

With the Apple Watch or Android Wear, users can lock or unlock their car remotely, know if doors and windows have been closed, find where the car is parked, check the fuel level and know the repairs to be made. As well, in case of failure the application allows click of prevent assistance and directly send the coordinates GPS. The heating and remote start are possible thanks to this mechanism, and you are warned when a thief strikes inside the car.

David Holecek, Director of product and services connected to the Volvo brand, says: ” you can define schedules of heating for the cold and icy mornings or cool your car in hot weather, check your fuel level and mileage or time of service .« .

During a journey so it is possible to know the fuel used, kilometers and you can even download all of the data in Excel format.

Volvo is not the only automaker to be entered in the connected world. Indeed, technology is increasingly important to automakers, the companies Mercedes-Benz and BMW’s are also interested and they also offer applications compatible with the smart watches.