W660i: Stylish 3 G Walkman That Performs

It is good looking as if it were a design phone, and under the surface lies a solid mid-range 3 g Walkman. A phone that is hard not to like.

Already at first sight occurs. W660i comes in two colors, black and wine red. Both have a gold colored metal frame around the page. The black, which is the one we tested, has a pattern of circles that will lead your thoughts to vinyl records, and succeed with it. I think I’ll experience the phone as the plastic when I first hold in it, but I’m wrong, it feels solid and sturdy.

The Burgundy has a floral pattern, and it’s obvious to think kill-phone and girl-phone on the different models. A little silly, I think, but it’s still sympathetic to put a lot of thought on the design, and in addition, to make variants different to more than just the color.

Even the buttons, repeat the theme in gold, black vinyl and circles. The buttons are small, yet distinctive, and besides that I sometimes come to 2 when I press down arrow, I am completely satisfied with them.

The design goes back to the phone’s themes. There are four themes to choose from, and even if our model has the Walkman-orange theme, it is obvious that the two themes are custom-made for each model paint. In the theme of Spinnin’ goes black, gold and vinyl grooves again in a very stylish way. Even if the theme does not extend deeper than the menus, and I as soon as i go into radio or media player again meets Walkman-orange, I am delighted and feel like a goose that lets me impressed with such simple means.

Smart phones without substance are plentiful, but here it is more than surface which impresses: Walkman phone with 3 g at a reasonable price. As it stands the Walkman on your phone, we can start with music features.

The media player is the Walkman version 2.0, which mostly involves aesthetic differences, and reportedly slightly better sound quality. Anyway, it is good, with all the features you could want, playlists and the ability to run in the background while you are browsing, without the hack. A nice detail is that the song title at new song glides past in the upper edge of the screen if you are in any other program.

In the box follows the stereo headset HPM-70, which both offer excellent sound and is comfortable even for my picky ears. The phone has A2DP, which means you can use wireless stereo headphones, but if you want to use the built-in radio, you have to have headphones with cord, because cable acts as an antenna.

The radio is also pleasant, with RDS for auto tuning, (but not traffic information). And so we must of course mention Sony Ericsson’s parade feature Track ID. By recording a small sample of a song, either from the phone’s radio or via the microphone, can the phone via a database on the Internet identifying the song title, artist and album. It all goes in a couple of seconds, and did it work once out of three had been impressed, but it works almost all the time! As an example, did Track ID to distinguish between two different recordings of Bruckner’s 9th Symphony.

The phone is really good at is running multiple programs at the same time. One of the phone’s function keys is a button which brings up a menu where you can switch between the programs that are running. A miss, however, is that the Internet browser does not show up in the active applications.

What is a music phone with 3 g? Download music, of course. The phone has a menu icon to Play Now, which has a total of oimponerande range, but of course there are better options available via the operators and the Internet.

Internet capable phone as best it can with the relatively low-resolution screen. Sony Ericsson’s bundled browser is good, but limited, Opera Mini can installed and is recommended. The e-mail program is easy to use and fairly powerful, but if you want to be able to manage document attachment to get get a smartphone.

Send pictures? The camera is a 2 megapixel camera with no light or auto focus, which well may be viewed as the minimum for everything but the real low price models today. The image sensor resolution doesn’t seem to really meet the 2 megapixels, and the images feel as if they had lower resolution. The camera’s normal mode also means that images hårdkomprimeras in a way that provides visible distortions even at the small mobile screen. If you choose high resolution images, the result is significantly better, but it is still about a mediocre camera.

Images can be sent via Bluetooth, MMS, email or photo blog, but it is a little yxigt. Immediately after taking a picture, you get the option “send”, but then it will be automatically via MMS. Send to blog, see instead under “more”, and if you want to send the image via email or Bluetooth, you exit camera mode and instead go into the files and choose Send.

More about picture blogging: your phone has a direct link to blogger.com, and the whole thing is very nicely implemented. In five minutes, I have gone from being total blogganalfabet to having my own photo blog on Blogger, readable from both the mobile and computer. My blog get automatically a bookmark in your phone’s browser. On the other hand, already have a blog on other site have to be understood not so much enjoyment from the link to the Blogger.

Compared to the camera’s image quality feels bildredgerings programmet Photo DJ as overkill. It is the same version as in the new Cybershot models, and you can easily adjust the white balance, contrast, red eye removal, and more.

Looking for a 3 g phone to an underground station, or a phone with music player, go to a store and get on this. Do you like what you see, so buy it, for the inside will not disappoint you.


Type: 3 g mobile phone with triband

Weight: 93 g

Dimensions: 102 x 46 x 14.5 mm

Talk time: 6 hours

Standby time: 360 h

Internet & datafunktioner: 3 g, gprs, email, wap 2.0, Web browser, RSS reader.

Connection to PC/mac: Bluetooth, INFRARED, USB, synkprogram included.

Voice Control: Yes

Ringtones: Polyphonic, mp3, AAC

Phone book: 2 500 numbers in total, up to 5 numbers per entry.

SAR: 1.27 W/Kg

Screen: 262 144 colors TFT, 176 x 220 pixels

Game: comes with Extreme Air Snowboarding, Tower Bloxx. Java games can be downloaded and installed.

Camera resolution: 2 megapixels

Memory: 16 MB internal memory, memory card slot for Memorystick M2, 512 MB memory card included.

Other features: FM radio with RDS, Java MIDP 2.0, T9, MMS, email, calendar, Media Player, RSS reader, alarm clock, timer, to do list, use code memo, calculator, Track ID, Face Warp, music sharing via Bluetooth, picture blogging, Photo DJ, Dictaphone

Accessories: Charger, 512 MB memory card, usb cable, stereo headset, Mac sync software is included. Larger memory cards, wireless stereo headphones can be purchased.

Socket for external antenna: Yes

price: 3000 SEK

12 quick:

Camera: X

Email software: X


FM radio with RDS: X

Music Player: X

Memory Card Slot: X

3 g: X

Turbo-3 g:




Bluetooth with A2DP: X

REVIEW & rating:

Performance (thumb down):

SP Soil test: 2360 score total, images (PNG) 96 p, 3D-games 9.8 FPS, jwc: 2188 p

Comment: the point is moderate, neither worse nor better than average for phones in this class.

Battery life/talk time (thumb down)

Manufacturer: 7 hours (GSM), 2.5 hours (3 g)

Battery talk time: 2 h 36 min (3 g)

Comment: the manufacturer corresponds well with the measurements. Battery life is representative of phones in this format. For the media player and radio feel the battery.

Questions & answers:

Is it easy to transfer songs from a CD to your phone?

Yes it may say. Sony Ericsson’s Disc2phone software is fast and smooth, and nicer to deal with than Windows Media Player.

I already have a good pair of stereo headphones. Can I use them with your phone?

Yes it is possible. The supplied headset cord also works as a converter to regular headset jack. But the lurking that comes with the phone is not bad.

Face Warp stands among other features. What is it?

It is an extremely silly and childish fun application which takes a picture of a face that program then distorts the distorting mirror. The image can be saved and sent via MMS. Try it!

Options: If you want a phone with less-polished surface, but that is a little cheaper, turbo 3 g and smart features are Nokia 6120 Classic is an alternative in the same format. Could care less about you in 3 g but want a little better camera is Sony Ericsson W610i an rather model.



Music features




Test pattern:

With the default compressed images way too hard, and white colors flowing out and forming diffuse fog effects. The result is significantly better, and the files twice as large, changing to high image quality, but it’s still not a camera that will impress any way.


Telephony & Data: 7

Multimedia: 7

Systems & software: 7

User experience: 8

Materials & quality: 8

Overall rating: 74%