Warming up a Lot? What Can it Be?

My smartphone gets hot. Not so hot it burns the hand but it can bother you. Is there something wrong with that? Perhaps.

Warming up a Lot? What Can it Be?

Cell Phones Warming Up: Understanding What Happens

A little heat coming from an electronic device is normal. It is an unavoidable side effect of charging, unloading, processing and lighting of the device. An example of this is if you put your hand behind a television or near the fan of a computer, you will feel a little warm. This is normal for electronics, and engineers think about it when designing such devices.

Now, just because the heat of the appliance is normal does not mean it is good. For the user of a smartphone, excessive heat from a device can be annoying or even alarming; for a particular device the heating may be even the synonym of the death of the apparatus.

Heat is a killer of all the batteries. The more a device heats up, the faster the battery is spent, and the less charge it will have after a given period of time. The heat may not even be the fault of the device: it may be the fault of the user who leaves the device in direct sunlight, leaves the device in his pocket while he is near sources of heat (stoves, for example). In some cases, the battery may even explode, causing personal injury and even fire.

Without counting the battery, the device’s own components can “fry”, which means that the connectors, chips, and other parts may stop working because of the heat.

Cellular heating up and discharging fast: symptoms and solutions for heating

To diagnose the exact cause of heating a device, you will need to understand the symptoms of overheating. Three causes, however, almost always accompany all cases of smartphone overheating: signal reception problems , heavy workload, and battery problems.

  • Signal reception: there is not much that can be done here. When the phone has a bad signal, it will continue to try to improve the signal. With this, the system will continue to call for more and more effort, and will eventually overload and overheat. It’s worth checking to see if there is an update for your Android , though, to improve that a bit.
  • Heavy workload: When you use multiple apps and games on your phone, you can be sure that this will impact the device’s warm-up. The best way to handle this is by always using your cell phone with most of it exposed, so it can be ventilated and change heat with the environment. And of course, let him always rest a little after a little gambling.
  • Battery: is usually the most common cause. Warm-up occurs and the battery charges or discharges quickly. This is a sure sign that your phone’s battery is flawed or defective. If you bought the battery recently, it could be a fake battery. Take a battery test and look at battery life. The longer you take, the more chances there are that the battery may explode or cause some irreparable damage to your device.

Less common causes include using the device in the sun and near heat sources, but are exceptions to the rule.

Warming up and locking up: do not attempt to

When your smartphone is locking and restarting, it means that it is using a security feature to avoid overheating and damaging components. If you keep trying to turn the unit on and keep it switched on, you risk letting the heating damage the components of the device and thus result in expensive repair or even the need to replace the appliance . Find out what is causing the problem (battery, cell phone outdated, overuse, etc.) before rebooting and keeping your phone turned on. If you can not solve it yourself, have the device serviced.