Watch Apple Intelligence

Is a sport practiced every year during Apple’s product releases. Consists of trigger phrases of disdain and mockery towards anything new that Apple thing.

Normal. Apple was unanimity for a long time and that messes with clearly less conformist. The fascination of their fans more excited, they get rows of three days to buy a new iPhone, it’s always awkward. There is also a good share of critics who loves to say that the company has lost the ability to innovate.

An example of this kind of mockery was an image published soon after the release of the company last week. The piece related new iPhone features that the Nexus had 4 Android smartphone from 2012, as the NFC payment system and the larger screen.

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are in fact “late” in some questions. On the other hand, to disregard the Apple Watch, the clock connected to the company performed at the same event of iPhones, it would be a huge mistake.

If the final product match what was displayed, we will be faced with an Apple “the old-fashioned way”. The competition will then be able to go back to the drawing room and start all over again, including the Samsung which has released six smart watch models, none particularly smart.

When Apple introduced the iPhone and the iPad, gave directions not imagined to products that already existed, but which were still limited in features. The Apple Watch can do that for smart watches? You can.

The characteristic that leaps to the eye on the watches from Apple is the way he solved some of the dilemmas of the tiny screen of this type of device. Navigation applications and files, for example. So far, the clocks released dealt with this by placing a few icons of apps in the initial display device or making the user change the screen several times.

In Apple Watch navigation is done through a side button called “crown” digital (“digital Crown”), which acts as control of zooming and scrolling. With it, you can browse through large collections of information, are the dozens of applications from the home screen, a tool or an album with hundreds of pictures. All without leaving the same screen.

The Apple device also includes a communication solution that seems made on measure for this type of equipment. Through it, a user can “poke” digitally, with a simple sign, another person around using the watch. More agile than typing a message or call.

The clock of the company also seems to have achieved a good way to alert the user of application notifications (SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook), which is one of the great smart clock utilities, causing the user does not have to every time to look on the smartphone screen. Through the so-called Taptic engine, a small movement, similar to a friendly Pat on the wrist, but unlike a vibration, is held to give the warning.

I still don’t know a lot about the new product, the storage battery capacity. And the fact that he doesn’t have GPS itself is disappointing. But the Apple Watch is not yet a finished product and some of your solutions will be of great value to a category of devices that still needs to prove that it came from.