What Have Spent It The Balance Free from PayPal to Google Play? Engadget Android Questions

Since last Monday, PayPal has begun to offer €3 free coupons to spend on Google Play. Although initially these coupons were designed to offer in different countries, we have been able to go them accumulating in our accounts by gathering an interesting amount of money to spend during the next few days.

For this reason, and although I already proposed some applications that you could buy with that balance, the question of the week is aimed at all those who have already used that money, so you share with us which applications you have purchased and, incidentally, you dig a hand to the undecided.

What will you spent the free PayPal to Google Play balance?

Last week we asked what what had most surprised you the last Mobile World Congress, and your most voted answer has been the of pablete_ra, with just one word described what for him and other readers has been a fairly boring and predictable MWC:


As every week we thank you for your participation in this section, reminding you that this post is always closed messages and to answer you’ll have to go to our Engadget Android answers section, where you can make your own questions to the community. Thank you all for your participation!