What is Soft Brick? And Hard Brick? Are You Repairing?

What is Soft Brick? And Hard Brick? Are You Repairing?When your smartphone or tablet no longer works, if you’re curious to find out what might be happening with your device, you’ll end up with two common terms: soft brick and hard brick. These are two possibilities for the current state of your device. There is a third possibility, which is the device being broken. Whatever the option, soft brick and hard brick may or may not repair, and may or may not be a tombstone for your tablet or smartphone.

What is the mobile or tablet brick?

The word “brick” means brick. When used in reference to smartphones and tablets refers to a device that due to a software or hardware failure no longer works.

The term is a joke in the form of electronic devices that, when “bricados”, have no function other than being a brick or paper weight. The term is even used as a verb in the electronic maintenance medium.

Hard Brick vs. Soft Brick

Hard Brick is the state of the device that occurs when it does not even initialize after displaying the defect. A Hard Brick can occur due to hardware damage, or it may occur due to the wrong installation of a ROM , and other procedures that modify the firmware of an Android device. There are several cases of Hard Brick where recovery is possible without the need for professional help, but your case may be more complex and the search for necessary technical assistance.

Soft Brick is the device state that occurs when there is an initialization loop (Android startup screen repeats), Android hangs constantly, or it is not possible to install ROMS on the device. A Soft Brick does not mean that the problem is not serious, as it may also be a hardware problem. The difference is that in Soft Brick the chance of you being able to recover the device on its own is higher than in Hard Brick.

Spoiled Cell Phone, Soft Brick, and Hard Brick: Got Fixed?

In Soft Brick and Hard Brick there is something in common: repair is possible. It may even involve changing parts, and be a little expensive, but in Soft Brick and Hard Brick the device is still recoverable.

When the device is broken, broken, is a state without recovery. This can occur when there is an electric shock to the device, when it falls into the water , damages caused by drops or beats, etc. In these cases, the repair is too expensive to be worth (more than 50% of the value of a new device), and then it is better to change.

When your smartphone or tablet has a soft brick, hard brick, or even ruin, do not panic. Often got fix. If you use a  good cell phone, and take good care of your device, you can avoid most problems. However, you can not get away from them all. And if it does happen and you can not solve it on your own (and at your own risk), do not hesitate to seek professional help.

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