What to Know About the Smart Ring Smartring Mota

Mota is an American start-up which until then was purpose-built in the production of 3D printers. But Mota just made one not more by putting on the market a small smart ring. This is called “Mota SmartRing”.

It is true that before this ring, there were other smart accessories created by other companies like watches and bracelets. The best known are especially Ringly, Aron Rash or even the ring end… But none of these accessories does not have functions similar to the smart ring of Mota.

What Are the Features of the Smart Ring of Mota?

Like other rings, the SmartRing is on any finger of one hand.

The ring is compatible Android or iOS, as well as a touch screen LED. Its battery consumes less power, she can spend two days without logging.

To work, the clever ring of Mota connects on a mobile phone that is close, using the wireless bluetoothconnection. Thus, as soon as there is a new ‘communication’ important, smart ring Mota vibrates, to discreetly warn its owner.

Among the notifications and alerts that can be received with the smart ring of Mota, there are calls, emails, text messages… We can also connect on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to receive notifications…

Those who buy the VIP option can have several additional features including the ability to see which calling, read SMS, emails, see historyaah videos and this directly on the touchscreen smart Mota ring.

Mota will be available in may 2015, you can pre-order it for $ 75.

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