What You Need To Know About The Apple Watch

SÃO PAULO-beyond the traditional launch of the new version of the iPhone throughout September, Apple showed that breathes new airs this week with the arrival of the Apple Watch, your first smart watch. From now on, let’s answer the major questions surrounding the device.

What is the Apple Watch?

The Apple Watch is the Watch Apple’s smart, and is, at the same time, the company’s first foray in the business of the first wearable new category launched by the company under the command of Tim Cook, who replaced Steve Jobs in 2011, after the death of the co-founder of the company. Other brands, Apple’s rivals, such as Samsung, Motorola and Sony, are releasing their smart watch models for at least a year, but it is a market still very incipient, and analysts expect Apple help to leverage this type of appliance.

How Does It Work?

The best way to understand the Apple Watch is to imagine that, from now on, you have a computer, or a smartphone in your wrist, without having to put your hand in your pocket to check messages and notifications for apps. However, in order to function, the Apple Watch needs to be integrated with an iPhone (5, 5, 5 c, 6 or 6 Plus). Yes, Android users are out.

To navigate the device, there are three ways: through the touch screen, which is now able to recognize if your finger just touching or squeezing the screen, as in the Android system for some time; with Digital Crown “, a scroll button similar to ordinary watches; and by voice, with the help of Siri Assistance System.

But it’s A Clock?

Actually, don’t. To attract different types of consumers, Apple has invested in small changes in the design of the watch. First of all: he has two different sizes: one with 1.5-inch screen, and the other with 1.65-inch screen. In addition, there are three models: the Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition with Sapphire screen, and the Apple Watch Sport, with ionized glass screen.

The difference between the three is that the Apple Watch is the “standard” model, while the Edition is aimed at the luxury market, and the Sport, as your name implies, aimed at those who want to use it during physical activities. In addition, each version of Apple Watch can have different bracelets (in materials like leather, plastic or steel) and cases (which can be polished steel, aluminium or 18-carat gold). Combined, all versions can result in 54 different clocks, with more “male”, “female”, “young”, “conservative” or “ostentatious”, to the taste of the customer.

And What The Models Have In Common?

The core of the Apple Watch has a retina display, with a chip S1, without specifications developed by Apple. (“It’s the architecture of an entire computer on a small chip,” the company said). The Watch has a microphone, support the NFC (near-field communication, to be used with the Apple Pay for mobile payments), Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity and a number of sensors. The main of them are in the back of the clock (i.e. in direct contact with your wrist), heart rate measuring, passômetro and other indicators with a focus on health and physical activities.

Why Health?

The health and fitness area has been one of the most promising with regard to technology. And Apple sets the watch as your “a companion who never think of ways for you to stay active and healthy”, with the intention that you wear it all day. Among the activities described by the company, the clock can measure the movement of your body with the help of an accelerometer, monitor your heartbeat and realize how much you’ve been with the help of GPS and Wi-Fi for the iPhone.

In addition, the Watch comes with the Activity App, which attempts to stimulate your user to stay less time sitting and doing more exercise from three circles, that need to be complete over the course of a day: the Moves (which shows the calories burned), Exercise (which shows how long did you do physical activities) and the Stand (which shows how often you got up from the Chair to take a break).

Another application in this sense is the Workout (term in English to “exercise”), which shows your goals until you give medals, depending on the completion of certain physical activities.

They’re Talking About A Guy Named Apple Pay. What is This?

Stop and think: how many times a day you open the wallet to pay something, either with cash, credit/debit card or cheque? Now think you could afford everything you need without putting your hand in your pocket, just giving some touch Apple Watch. This is the idea of Apple Pay, a mobile payment system that Apple has created in partnership with major operators of u.s. credit card-Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

The system works very simply: you enter the data of your credit card in the system, which encrypts this data and stores them in encrypted form. Each time you want to perform a transaction, the system retrieves this image and connects with the card operators, you push some buttons and wait for confirmation (read more on what you need to know about the Apple Pay).

And what else Does Apple Watch?

He whistles and suck sugar cane at the same time.   How is a clock, first of all, it shows the time, in various ways, with more than 2 million of different visuals. Reinforcing: everything just to show the time. Another nice thing is that every time you change your time zone, the clock will realize and update automatically.

In addition, the Apple Watch lets you view your notifications of messages and calls, and lets you connect and send messages to your contacts, and can even be used as a walkie-talkie, sending little audio messages. Facebook and Twitter, for example, are still developing their own applications for the Apple Watch, that will allow you to see the posts from your friends on your watch screen a simple way.

An interesting item of Apple Watch is how it loads: Unlike past Apple’s Apple Watch devices don’t need a cable to be loaded. It uses a system of induction, in which the charger, plugged into an electrical outlet, connects with the clock through a magnet, which allows the passage of electrical current to charge your battery. Nobody knows, however, how long should it last Apple Watch battery.

Nice, But How Much Does It Cost?

Apple has yet to release the values of all models, but the starting price of a Apple Watch is $350. The values can go up according to the cases and bracelets bought the clock. Nobody knows for sure what will be the value here in Brazil, nor when the clock will hit stores. Outside, he is set to be released on the market in early 2015.