Whatsapp Is Testing Exciting New Edit Function

Whatsapp tested a feature that allows users to modify already sent messages later in the Android beta version.

The Leaker WABetInfo usually very well informed about Whatsapp innovations has tweeted, that Whatsapp is testing an exciting new feature: the possibility already sent messages still to be able to edit.

Whatsapp to test this new feature in the Android 2.17.26 beta. By default, this new feature to be but disabled.
The user used the “later-edit function” by he already sent a message to the three vertically arranged points right in WhatsApp clicks above and then on the “Edit”-button.

WhatsApp beta for Android 2.17.26: added the edit message feature! (DISABLED BY DEFAULT)

-WABetaInfo (@WABetaInfo) 23 January 2017

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Only in December 2016 Whatsapp had presented new features another exciting: the subsequent deletion of messages that were already.

Recent innovations for Whatsapp for iOS

The Android version and the iOS version of Whatsapp are not usually at the same level.Usually, Whatsapp rather tested new features with the Android version and pushes them to then for the iOS version. So it is with the recently been published update whatsapp for iOS, which bears the version 2.17.1: iOS users can send now even Whatsapp messages, when they are offline. Whatsapp saves the message and sends it automatically when the user is back online. In addition, the user can now up to 30 photos or videos at the same time. Send. In addition, Whatsapp has improved storage utilization within the app.