When ‘My Telstra’?

Since the operator, our site has shown a section called My Telstra, that style of my Vodafone or Movistar channel client, it would allow us to access our data, consult the consumption, balance, change of rate, etc.

However, although letters of welcome include user name and password to enter, This service has never become available. Many have been the dates that Telstra has taken, including the US gave ourselves months ago (before the summer), but my Telstra remains missing.
In the case of contract It is particularly necessary to service, since there is no way to receive the monthly consumption accumulated on your phone, unless you call customer care and ask. In addition, would also be a way to switch to the unknown card 2, which has no minimum consumption (although it is not call other Telstra for 0 cents min).

The latest rumors say that before the anniversary could be available, but is justified missing this already basic service for a whole year? Eroski mobile, which also started from scratch, it has since day one, so hopefully that a good service is when opens. At the moment, only we have to wait. And wait. And wait.