Why Did Not Apple Use The iWatch Name On Their Watch?

The launch of Apple Watch last Friday came to show the world that, once again, Apple can create unique devices and create around them a real need for consumers to buy.

With Apple’s sales force managing to deplete Watch stocks in a few minutes, it has been proven that this is the gadget of the moment.

But out of all this hype around the Watch, there is an issue that remains unanswered. Why did Apple change the name of Watch and did not give it the iWatch name that would be more logical?

Everyone knows Apple and their tendency to name their equipment starting with the letter i. For many years now, this is the rule and all new equipment follows scrupulously.

Looking at the list of products that Apple had on the market in the recent past and for those that still have in its catalog, the presence of i is something that everyone knows and even expect in new products.

But in the case of Watch this rule was not followed and there is no logical reason why Apple has abandoned its normal designation. Since it came in the form of rumors that the Watch was called iWatch.

An unofficial new “theory” has now emerged and attempts to justify the reason for the Watch name at the expense of iWatch. According to some voices the name change is due only to legal issues related to the name iWatch, which already belongs to other companies in several countries.

In the case of the proexchangerates, iWatch brand belongs to a company called OMG Electronics, which in August 2012 registered the trademark in his name, thereby limiting its use Apple.

In Europe the situation is no different. The Irish company Probendi has registered the mark for the European Union since 2008, and makes a point of stating it on its website, where it declares the only one with authority to use the name iWatch.

The same situation, albeit slightly differently, is happening in Switzerland, where Apple is already forbidden from ever selling the Watch, again for trademark registration issues, but in this case in the use of Watch terminology Associated with apples.

If Apple chose to go ahead with the logical name would have serious legal problems and could end in high fines and millionaire agreements that would cost the brand values ​​too high.

This is not a new situation for Apple that already with the iPhone has been involved in some legal problems or the inability to blindfold their smartphone in some countries. In 2013 it would lose the right to use the iPhone brand in Brazil, because it belongs to another company.

The truth is that even with a name out of the ordinary for Apple Watch the standards have been showing up a sales champion, depleting stocks within minutes and surpassing all expectations more optimistic, even Apple’s own.