Will Get BlackBerry Clean Up Their Accounts with Products like The New Passport? The Question of The Week

We all know that BlackBerry is not experiencing its best moment. However, the arrival of the new Passport could mark a turning point in the history of the company. That is, at least, what they expect John S. Chen, Chairman of the company, and its management team. The launch of this mobile is a smart move that has allowed them to appeal to its stalwarts, typically users that phones with physical keyboard, like, but perhaps not enough to trace the flight. For this reason, this is our question of the week:

Do you get BlackBerry clean up their accounts with products like the new Passport?

The last question of the week

As you recall, in our last question we ask If Pepephone will get to regrow Thanks to its change of coverage. The most highly valued response has been that of inar. Here’s a snippet of their reasoning:

Pepephone sought to offer 4G and Vodafone could not agree. I tried it with Yoigo, but with the Telstra-Movistar scuffle coverage and the own Pepephone commented, were as the “useful fool” of the group. And so, finally, they chose to go to the head and find agreement with the own Movistar. After this, they sent an email customers asking for apologies for what happened, explaining the reasons, and promising changes and improvements soon.
Pepephone has always been known for two things: good prices and, above all, exceptional treatment to its clients. In recent months their prices have been outdated, and I believe that in great part because of all the ruckus that has been mounted and that has prevented them from making changes and plans due to the uncertainty of its course. Now that you have clarified, and seeing his career and mode in the last few years, I believe that it will begin to offer juicy terms and prices […]

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