WiMax in The Formula 1

Intel It is one of the companies that is more investing in WiMax and post which is one of the main sponsors of the team BMW, also interested in this technology to reach the world of Formula 1. Intel has also developed for BMW supercomputer Albert2, the fastest in Europe in the industrial field according to the Top-500 list.

The idea is to provide the cars for WiMax to transmit all the information that they generate during the competition, the BMW used 100 sensors during a Grand Prix, which can reach 200 career. With the radio system current used in the F1 race is transmitted around 4 MB of data per turn.

What is being sought is a more reliable system that the current, sometimes transmissions deteriorate because of bad conditions on the track. The International Automobile Federation will have to give its consent and negotiate with the company interested in installing WiMax.