You Can Now Download The First Official LineageOS ROM

LineageOS is collecting the witness of the recently deceased CyanogenMod. It is not an easy task, but for these few weeks have been configuring all the infrastructure and the machinery behind the generation, statistics and publication of the ROM. Is now ready, and the first official ROM from LineageOS are now available for download.

It is important to distinguish between the official ROM and non-official. The latter are circulating already few weeks (for example, here) and according to the statistics of LineageOS have been installed more than 80,000 times. The official ROM are now beginning to reach the download page. By the time they are available for 6 p nexus, Nexus 5 X, Nextbit Robin, y Xiaomi Redmi 1S.

Newly arrivals oven

All ROMs available for three devices named previously are today, 23 January 2017. In all cases, are available two versions, a version nightly and one experimental.

You can download it from the official website downloads of LineageOS, which is already operating and working.

  • Nexus 6 p: nightly and experimental.
  • Nexus 5 X: nightly and experimental.
  • Nextbit Robin: nightly and experimental.
  • Redmi 1s: nightly and experimental.

LineageOS collects the functioning of this experimental version on his blog. This is a special version designed for transfer data a previous installation of CM to LineageOS. As its name indicates, it is an experimental function whose aim is to prevent that you should start from scratch, but does not guarantee anything.

To make the data migration, You must install the experimental version on an installation of 13.0 or 14.1 CM, reboot, restart, install the normal build of LineageOS, restart again and reapply the application permissions. This kind of builds will only be available for two months.