Your iPhone Charger May Be Flammable

In rare cases it may happen that the Apple’s European Chargers can overheat, and that is why Apple decided to replace all affected power supply units with a new device for free.

iPhone charger A1300

Since Denmark is on the list of countries where the Chargers are exported to, can you check if you have a questionable charging, and replace it .

Can your iPhone charger overheats?

Affected iPhone charger iPhone charger A1300 and A1400

Do you have a A1300-charger, you must swap the

To find out if your charger may overheat, it is enough just to look at it: it says “Model A1300”, it means that you should replace your charger and SOUJIPEIJIAN. The redesigned and harmless charger has a different model number: A1400.

The return of iPhone Chargers:

How to swap your iPhone charger?
Apple withdraws Chargers, and from today you can get the spoils your charger. Remove the device and your iPhone to an Apple dealer.