YouTube Will Launch Paid Service Streaming Movies

It is not today that the creation of a service streaming movies on YouTube is speculated. But it was only this week that the rumors of its release intensified after site sources TheWrap said that it will be launched with an extensive catalog of films, something that Google would have gotten after signing deals with Universal, Sony and some other Hollywood studios.

As shown in the screenshot above, the YouTube Store may be the service, which has been released on YouTube last year and is gaining new films since. Remember that this is a different area of YouTube Movies, which already offers some older movies in the public domain and free general on the site. The service, for now, is only available to Americans, but it was not officially announced by Google yet which studios or movies that are available.

And no, it does not appear that will be available in Brazil. Despite having some certainty that no one outside the US can access your original address, the error message for YouTube users in Brazil already makes it clear that it is not for us. But it may be that appear here over the years. Or centuries.