Z Launcher Will Remain in Phase Beta, Nokia Does Not Intend to Update It

The history of Nokia is proof that, in this technology, which today is a leader can end disappearing from the scene in a matter of few years, but no one said that it is not possible to return. The Finnish company that one day he held the throne of the largest manufacturer of telephony It has become in 2017 at the hands of Android, and the Nokia 6, its first device, sales are running that in the future it could become a serious contender for other brands.

But the return of Nokia with Android has not begun this year, in 2014 already proved luck with Nokia N1, a tablet that suspiciously resembled the Apple Mini iPad but that brought a novelty: the Z Launcher. The visual layer of Nokia had a rather interesting design and even Google Play, where it is still available in beta format. However, now that already have become permanently, Update Z Launcher does not enter the plans of Nokia.

The interface of the new Nokia remains a mystery

Now that Nokia is back, it was hoped that Z Launcher, which has been in beta since 2014, was updated to a new version or replaced by a new proposal. However, Nokia has confirmed to NokiaMob that they have no intention to continue working with Z Launcher, so their plans in relation to the software of their new devices remain a mystery.

As we said before, Nokia has already announced the inauguration of this new phase Nokia 6. It is a mid-range device manufactured by the company HMD from which we know characteristics such as its design and its hardware, but their software We know only that it has Android 7.0 Nougat and what we have seen in the promotional videos.

6-Nokia has an interface with own design and outstanding round blue background icons, but that does not resemble what they knew by the Z Launcher. In addition, taking into account that the terminal has just gone on sale in China, likely that the interface change if you finally reach the rest of the world.

The launcher of the company was notable for its system of shortcuts by drawing on the screen and its minimalist design. Since its publication It has surpassed one million downloads and has a rating of 4.2, but everything indicates that, unless there is a change of heart in Nokia, Z Launcher will remain without continuation and will remain in beta.

Z La1.3.8-Beta

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