ZTE Blade S6 in the Test

For the manufacturer ZTE, the blade S6 is a “premium-Smartphone”. The test shows whether the 250-euro-phone can be the claim.

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The body of the blade S6 consists of a single plastic shell, its open side is closed by the display. This unibody construction provides excellent stability and robustness. In addition, that the blade S6 in the hand is located, because the edges have a round grinding and is a smooth transition to the rear. Especially chic: In the home button below the screen is embedded a circular notification LED that gently pulses in a futuristic blue, when there is news.

When measured by the price, then ZTE get more out of the body of the blade S6 as Huawei with the honor 6 plus (test). Because the blade S6 doesn’t show the lower price, on the contrary: despite a price difference of 150 euro, ZTE offers the ergonomic and appealing design.

Saved in the display

The screen Huawei has the edge against it. The ZTE model is also equipped with an angle-stable IPS Panel, which is slightly smaller but with 5 inches and shows a lower resolution: 1280 x 720 pixels make grober the appearance, contents are displayed but still sufficiently sharp. The star’s luminosity, which is not particularly high with 366 candela is problematic. The measured value is still acceptable, but located on the lower end of the scale though – especially with a view on the price -, there is hardly a current Smartphone with a so light weak LCD.

ZTE has not saved, however, when the processor and uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 615, a middle-class chipset with eight cores and 64-bit architecture, 2 GB of RAM to the side there is the. The performance is so true.

In contrast to Huawei, ZTE delivers its Smartphone with the latest version of Android 5. The own creation MiFavor 3.0, which offers a similar experience as on the honor 6 serves as a user interface plus. This means: optics and menus are less on Google and Android, as rather to Apple and iOS ajar. For the user this is no demand, but an advantage, because which works operation intuitive and fun.

The gesture and motion control of the blade S6 separately emphasizing ZTE, is certainly a notable extra, it isn’t an argument for the purchase. You will find many of the gestures that can be activated via the menu item “Gestures & movement” in the settings menu, in similar shape on other smartphones. Other gestures work only unreliable because they are way too complicated, about turn the music player through a V painted with the smartphone into the air. In this menu, also the German translation of entries missing – sure, no big deal, but an indication that was here not carefully worked.

Strong performance in the laboratory

Just like the honor 6 plus can be fed also the blade S6 with two SIM cards, but not different sizes are created, but both in the Nano-SIM format. The management of SIM cards is not very well resolved, there is little opportunity to adjust which card is to assume the tasks. This is mainly because that only one slot dominated LTE and data connections. With the second slot, only phone calls and SMS over GSM network are possible. After all: If both cards are used, not the micro SD slot is blocked, you can simultaneously use two SIM cards and a micro SD. But also strongly recommended considering internal memory full less than 10 GB.

In our test lab, the blade S6 emits a very good across the Board picture. The 250-euro Smartphone makes a better idea here and the honor of 6 plus. The 800-LTE belt is supported, the radio properties are excellent in all three networks. The runtime in the connect using mix is indeed not outstanding with 6:57 hours, but is moving in a very good midfielder. ZTE manages this value even to outdo the iPhone 6 (6:56 hours).

Conclusion: The big surprise

To directly answer the above question: no, it is simply not possible to sell a premium Smartphone for 250 euro. The compromise must be a manufacturer at this price, start with the plastic feel and stop at software translation errors. The real surprise in this comparison is that the manufacturer barely known in Germany has ZTE, one of the best smartphones in the 200-euro class in the portfolio but. The blade S6 is spare, like the honor of 6 plus not a flagship, but in contrast to the Huawei model, it is a real insider tip for spenders.