Zune HD Will Have a Twitter Application Tomorrow

Now that “3D games” are now available: http://www.xataka.com/reproductores/los-juegos-en-3d-ya-han-llegado-al-zune-hd-y-son-gratuitos in the Zune HD, is time since Microsoft put the batteries and offer other types of applications, or at least allow external developers to launch their own.

At the moment, it will be the first, as Microsoft has announced that they will tomorrow offer an application to access Twitter from the Zune HD. So all told, of course, from your Twitter account, so until tomorrow we will not see its final appearance and know its working.

It is expected that she is have accurate enough in it, because it is the first application of this type for your player and will lay the foundations that come in the future. A mail client and another to access Facebook are ideal candidates to arrive soon at Zune HD. When will we see them?