A Full Belly, Happy Heart Definition and Meaning

“A full belly, happy heart” is a saying that once we have satisfied our appetite, we feel happy and full. As such, it is a phrase of Spanish origin widely used in all Spanish-speaking countries.

The saying, in this sense, refers to the idea that when we cover our most basic needs (eating, sleeping, etc.), that is, those of the body, then we can enjoy a better disposition to dedicate ourselves to meet the needs of the spirit. Hence, it can be associated that, by fulfilling our desires, we can fully enjoy life.

Likewise, the phrase implies the idea that feeding ourselves is essential to be able to devote ourselves to all the daily activities that lead us to realize our desires.

The phrase is also often stated incompletely – “to a full belly …” -, leaving it suspended, as a way of suggesting the idea that it is important to start by satisfying the basic needs and then deal with those of the spirit.

Some variants that are found of this expression in the whole Spanish-speaking area would be: full belly does not feel sorry; tired belly, happy heart; full belly does not breed bad thinking; or full belly, happy heart.

There are also phrases that we can use precisely to express the opposite idea, such as “empty gut, heart without joy.”

In English, on the other hand, the saying can be translated as ” full stomach, contented heart”, which in Spanish would mean, literally, ‘full stomach, happy heart.”

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