Addiction Definition and Meaning

From Latin Addictio, the addiction is the habit that dominates the desire a person. It is dependence on a substance, an activity or a relationship. For example: “The actor had to go to a specialized clinic to treat his drug addiction”, “I lost many years of my career because of my addiction”, “I am worried: I think my son has an internet addiction”.

Addictions control the thoughts and behaviors of people, who only want to achieve or do the desired thing. To satisfy this desire, addicts can commit crimes, distance themselves from their loved ones and put their own integrity at risk, since they lose track of reality.

It is important to distinguish between a consumer habit and an addiction. A person who has a habit of drinking a glass of wine a day is not addicted; instead, the individual who feels the need to drink every day and who cannot stop suffers an addiction.

The addiction, therefore, has serious consequences in the daily life of the addicts. An addiction can generate health problems, damage to human ties, inconvenience at work, etc.

There are several symptoms that make it clear that a person in question is under the influence of an addiction. Specifically, among the most significant are the following:
• Loss of interest in hobbies or activities that were previously very important.
• Changes in weight.
• Sudden changes in mood.
• Irritability.
• Addict’s anger and nervousness when someone tells him that he is.
• Weakness and difficulty falling asleep.
• Pictures of anxiety, stress or depression.

In any of the existing types of addiction, the fundamental thing is that the person who wishes to achieve his recovery follows the following advice:
• He must openly express to his partner, family or friends that he intends to leave that situation.
• You should ask people in your environment to help you and to be by your side when you need it.
• It is essential that you be clear that you should stop going to places where you can get back in touch with what has caused that addiction.
• It is also essential that you be aware that having this addiction is not a bad person but simply a sick person.

All this without forgetting, of course, that the addict must be clear that the recovery process is very long, that his whole life will have to have the problem under control and that he must have expert and professional help to achieve his goal.. It is also essential that you are motivated and wanting to fight to recover the life you had previously.

The drug or drug addiction is addiction to drugs and involves a fruitless effort to stop consumption (which is increasing), a reduction in daily activities due to the intake of drugs and suffering from withdrawal symptoms when suspend consumption.

The alcohol, the smoking and gambling are other addictions with serious consequences for individuals.


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