Affront Definition and Meaning

Affront is shame or dishonor product of an event or event. Also the term affront is the insult that offends a person against his dignity, honor, credibility, among others.

Likewise, affront is the person, fact or event that produces scandal or shame, such as “he was the affront of the family.”

The word affront is used as a synonym for: dishonor, grievance, contempt, among others. Also, some antonyms of the term affront are: respect, honor, praise, and so on.

On the other hand, the word affront translated into the English language is affront.

Public affront

Public outrage are the insults that undermine the dignity and honor of an individual in order to provide a reality or lies of one or more persons seeking to ridicule or vejar, putting the victim denounce the afrentador as it can be taken as slander or insult, in case of being false.

However, an action can cause affront as if some individual in public spits out another.

Affront of Corpes

First of all, it is necessary to clarify the Cantar del mio Cid is a literary manifestation that recounts the exploits of the gentleman Rodrigo Díaz known as the champion or the cid. The Cantar del mio Cid is composed of 3 songs: singing of exile, singing of weddings and singing of the affront of Corpes.

Singing the affronts of Corpes is the disgrace of the Infantes against a lion and the fight against Arabs, which decided to take revenge and traveled together to their wives, daughters of the Cid, and in Robledo de Corpes the They whip and abandon them.

Due to the above, the Cid asks for justice for the dishonor he suffered and the trial ends with the duel between the representatives of the Cid and the infants, the first ones overcome and the weddings are annulled. The daughters are engaged again and marry the infants of Navarra and Aragon.

Affront in the bible

In the Hebrew Old Testament, the word affront is understood as a feeling of dishonor in a society where marriage and fertility were valued as seen in the book of Genesis when it is read: “she conceived and gave birth to a son, and said: “God has taken away my affront.”

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