Bing Definition and Meaning

Since 2009, Internet users have been able to use Bing to search and find suitable websites. Bing is developed by Microsoft; the search engine emerged from MSN Live Search. Microsoft is constantly developing Bing’s search algorithms and is trying to set itself apart from its competitors with special functions. Microsoft usually first introduces innovations in the USA; the German version usually receives them some time later.

  • Microsoft’s search engine
  • Biggest competitor of Google

Bing: design and search options

Defined by abbreviationfinder, Bing enables Internet users to search for websites, pictures, videos, maps and news. Every day a different background picture adorns the start page; the search slot is prominently placed on it. The start page also contains teasers on current news and some information on the background photo used.

After the user has entered a search term and started the search, the search results page opens. Bing lists the results on the left, and on the right there is varying amounts of information depending on the search term without having to open a page. You can switch between the categories (All, Pictures, Videos, Maps and News) at the top. In addition, Bing filters the results on request, for example by language.

Particularly useful functions of Bing

These are some particularly helpful features of Bing, some of which are more developed than the competition:

  • Search for similar images:If you have enlarged an image by clicking on it, you can mark any section and Bing will automatically search for similar images. In this way, users can, for example, quickly find an online shop that sells a certain piece of furniture or clothing.
  • Preview of videos:Bing users can have a preview of suggested videos displayed on the search results page. All you have to do is move the mouse pointer over the preview image and the video will run in a small window.

Extended functions after registration

There is an option to register with Bing. Those who register can use these additional functions, among others:

  • Registered users can personalize their start page, for example with the display of certain news channels or a weather forecast.
  • Search results can be saved with one click and called up again later at any time.
  • The search history can be traced.

There is also the option of participating in Microsoft Rewards. Users can collect points when they use Microsoft products. At Bing, participants receive points for every search query. They can exchange these points for rewards such as gift cards for the Microsoft Store.

Tools from Bing

Bing offers its users numerous tools that take on or facilitate various tasks. In addition to the three tools presented, there are others.

Bing Webmaster Tools – Optimizing Websites for Search Engines

In order to bring their own website to the top of the Bing result lists, site operators can take the usual SEO measures. To facilitate the implementation of these measures and their monitoring, there are Bing Webmaster Tools. With this, website operators can, for example, analyze how users get to their site and identify measures to optimize their website.

Bing Ads – search engine advertising for businesses

Search engine advertising is also available at Bing – the advertisements are called Bing Ads. With the tool of the same name, companies can place advertisements that are displayed in the search results list for certain search queries – marked with the addition “Advertisement”. This works in the same way as Google AdWords. Despite the lower number of users compared to Google, in relation to Germany, advertising on Bing can be interesting for companies: There is less competition – so the prices for the ads are also lower.

Bing Places – be found quickly locally

If a user is looking for a particular restaurant, for example to find out its address or opening times, an entry in Bing Places can help them find the desired restaurant directly. In order to be found more easily by users, an entry on Bing Places is worthwhile for companies and businesses. Bing may also pull the data for the entry from the websites of restaurants, boutiques or hair salons – but this does not always work reliably. Therefore, owners should rather make the entry themselves. That is done quickly. It should contain the most important information such as address and contact details as well as opening times and a link to the actual website.


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