Collusion Definition and Meaning

It is known as collusion to tolerance or passivity of a superior regarding infractions or misdemeanors committed by his subordinates or by those who must submit to his rules.

For example: “The exploitation of workers is possible due to the collusion of the authorities who must control working conditions “, “The deputy denounced the collusion between the police and the scammers”, “The alleged collusion will be investigated by the prosecution.

Take the case of a police corporal who extorts money from shopkeepers in a neighborhood: he demands money from them in exchange for providing protection. This is illegal since the obligation of the police is to guarantee the safety of all citizens. A judge, upon receiving a complaint, initiates the judicial process and confirms the responsibility of the corporal in question. While advancing with his investigation, the judge discovers that the corporal had the collusion of his hierarchical superior : the commissioner. This means that the commissioner allowed the corporal not to fulfill his obligations.

According to, a journalist, on the other hand, can investigate the collusion between a drug trafficker and the Judiciary. This reporter, based on the statements of different people and cases that come to his attention, warns that the drug trafficker enjoys impunity for committing crimes in a certain region, since various Justice officials are in charge of dismissing the complaints and filing the complaints. Causes. Therefore, there is a collusion that makes the drug trade possible even though it is prohibited by law.

In business, collusion is an attitude that can take place in different situations between employers and employees to carry out acts outside the law. For example, it is not uncommon to find cases in which a worker agrees with his boss to access unemployment benefit fraudulently.

This benefit, which in some countries is known as unemployment, should only be received by those people who have justifiably lost their jobs, since the objective of this amount of money is to allow them to survive while looking for a new one. Although the clarification is unnecessary, unemployment is not an alternative to work activity, but rather an aid to contain citizens during the job search process.

A case like this begins when a worker asks his employer for unemployment papers, seeking his complicity to resign and begin to collect this benefit immediately. If collusion occurs, then the State does not have many tools to detect this fraudulent crime, and that is why there are so many stories of this type. If, on the contrary, the employer refuses to commit such an irregularity, there is the possibility of exposing the potential criminal and preventing him from benefiting from the resources that are not his due.

It is important to note that collusion between the employer and the employee is a fault that entails a number of penalties for both parties. The authorities of Spain, for example, can impose a fine of close to two hundred thousand euros on the first, and prevent the second from continuing to collect the benefit. The employer may also be forced to return all the money that his former employee has fraudulently collected, plus the relevant contributions.

Collusion also often occurs in political parties, each time their bosses cover up some of their representatives in the commission of illegal acts. One of the most serious consequences of this conduct is that third parties outside the situation are harmed.

Collusion Definition and Meaning

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