Courtship Definition and Meaning

In order to know the meaning of the term courtship, it is necessary, first of all, to discover its etymological origin. In this case, we can state that it is a word that comes from Italian, exactly from “corteggio” which can be translated as “do court”.

This is what the act of courting is called: trying to achieve someone’s love or sexual interest through flattery, courtesies and flattery.

Courtship appears in various species with different characteristics. In the human being, it is a process that an individual develops with the intention of establishing an intimate relationship with another person. Sexuality, love and commitment are issues related to courtship.

Depending on the culture, courtship can be spontaneous or formal. According to, in Western countries, it is common for courtship to take place in one or more dates where those involved know each other. In general, if the courtship is successful, a couple is formed that begins with a courtship and can be consolidated through marriage.

In the rest of the animals, courtship pursues the objective of mating for reproductive purposes. In these cases, pleasure and commitment do not come into play, but are biological behaviors to guarantee the survival of the species.

The male is the one who performs the sexual courtship to get the female to allow him to mate. Courtship can include various rituals that consist of making certain sounds, displaying physical attributes or even confronting other specimens. These steps gradually lead to copulation.

Animal species carry out different types of courtships and with particularities. Thus, for example, the male giraffe begins courtship by hitting the female’s rear with his head until she urinates. The male then tastes the urine to see if he is the right female or not.

In the case of porcupines, the males urinate on the females and the females decide what to do. Thus, some will bite them and, therefore, reject them while others may accept having sexual relations.

The courtship that dolphins perform is also really curious. In his case, the males go in a group to where the females are. Once they choose one of them, they move around it and perform different types of stunts on it, which can even last for several days. Then, it will be the female who will decide which of the dolphins in front of her is the one she wants to go further with.

And very unique is also the courtship of the hippos. Specifically, the male climbs on top of a column of dung and starts hitting it with his tail. The moment he hits the female he likes with a piece of that dirt, she will be delighted with the detail.

Courtship is also called a feast and the group of individuals that constitutes the accompaniment in certain ceremonies. The funeral procession, in this context, is the procession of vehicles and individuals that accompanies the remains of a person to the cemetery.


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