Cracker Definition and Meaning

The Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) does not include the term cracker in its dictionary. However, the concept is often used in our language with different meanings.

Cracker is a kind of cookie that is made with flour, salt and other ingredients, but without yeast. These foods are cooked in the oven and are often eaten as an appetizer.

It is usual for crackers to have cheese, seeds, or herbs. These ingredients can be added to the dough before baking or on top once the cookies are ready to eat.

Although they can be eaten without accompaniment, crackers are often used as a base and different foods are added on top: ham, sausages, cheeses, etc. You can also spread lard (butter) or other products of a similar consistency, such as jam.

According to, many people love crackers, because they are a very versatile food, which is sold in a large number of flavors and formats, in addition to allowing them to be combined with endless other foods, both sweet and savory. But one of their greatest advantages is that they are ideal for calming the feeling of hunger between meals, especially for those who need to control their weight.

In most of the most common diets to lose weight, we find crackers as a replacement for bread, not only because in their basic version they have a lower caloric and fat content, but also because their consumption can be measured more easily: for example, nutritionists they can tell us to eat a certain number at each meal.

It is important to remember that there are always alternatives to foreign terms in our own language, and they are preferred so that communication is clear and accessible to all Spanish-speakers. In this case, a valid alternative is crispy cookies ; Although it is not what we will find in commercial product packages, its use is recommended in everyday speech to respect the beauty and richness of our language.

Spinach and sesame crackers recipe

Making crackers at home is not a difficult task, and since the possible combinations of ingredients are virtually endless, we can leave our creativity free to come up with an endless variety of flavors.

In this case, we will see a simple recipe to prepare spinach and sesame crackers. The necessary ingredients are the following:

* 200 grams of flour;
* one and a half teaspoons of baking powder;
* a teaspoon of salt;
* a tablespoon of oil (preferably olive);
* about 60 milliliters of water;
* 80 grams of fresh spinach.

While we let the oven heat up to 200°C, wash the spinach and blend it with the water, until a smooth mixture forms. On the other hand, we place the dry ingredients in a bowl, mix them and pour them into the container with the spinach, including the olive oil. We mix everything and knead until the dough has a good consistency, making sure that it is not sticky.

We spread the dough on a previously buttered and floured pan, stretch it until we get a thin layer and then cut it into small squares. Finally, we put everything in the oven until the crackers look crispy (approximate cooking time is 20 minutes).

Computer cracker

In the computer field, on the other hand, a cracker is known as the person who manages to break or violate a security system. Crackers often illegally remove restrictions set by a software license.

A cracker can create a computer patch (known as a crack) that modifies a program without the authorization of its creator. A software company, for example, places various restrictions in the code of a program to prevent it from being copied and used illegally. Through a crack, a cracker can remove these obstacles and enable the use of the software even without the corresponding license.

Crackers, on the other hand, can take control of a system to access private data and steal or delete the information.


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