Crystal Definition and Meaning

The concept of crystal comes from the Latin crystallus, which in turn comes from the Greek krýstallos. High quality glass is called glass. For example: “At dinner tonight we are going to use crystal glasses”, “My mother gave me a crystal vase”, “The diamond will be exhibited in a crystal box”.

The idea of ​​glass is also used with reference to the lenses of glasses (glasses) and the pieces of glass that are used to cover the opening of a window: “I tried to clean the crystals with a piece of paper and they were scratched”, ” A stone hit shattered the glass of the window”, “The glass of the showcase is very dirty”.

In many places there are crystal palaces : constructions whose structures are made of metal and glass. Madrid, to cite one case, has had the Retiro Crystal Palace since 1887, which is part of the Retiro Park.

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In the field of chemistry, a crystal is called a solid that has molecules and atoms distributed repeatedly and regularly in space. Liquid crystal, on the other hand, is a substance capable of producing a double refraction of a light ray, which is modified by the action of electricity. This element is used on the screen of televisions and other devices.

For geology, crystals are solid bodies that naturally have a polyhedral shape that is usually regular. Stones, salts and metals can be crystals.

Cristal, finally, is a feminine proper name and of several brands and entities: the model Cristal Silva Dávila, the Sporting Cristal soccer team, the Cristal champagne, etc.

In the same way, we cannot ignore the fact that one of the most successful telenovelas of all time was titled “Cristal”. Of Venezuelan origin, it was the one that aired in the 1980s, specifically between 1985 and 1986, and was written by Delia Fiallo.

Jeannette Rodríguez, Carlos Mata, Lupita Ferrer and Raúl Amundaray were the main actors of this television series that came to tell the love story that is established between a model and the son of the owner of a fashion house. Two young people who belong to different worlds and who have behind them a story full of secrets that are about to be revealed.

In the same way, in the field of television we can highlight the existence of a very successful children’s program in Spain entitled “La bola de cristal”. In the 1980s, that space was broadcast, directed by Lolo Rico, which had different awards and is today an emblem in the country.

The fact that it came to reflect the Transition of Spain and also the Madrid scene were other strengths of this space that was made up of children’s series, the Los Electroduendes puppet theater and also musical performances. It featured artists of the stature of Alaska, Santiago Auserón, Kiko Veneno, Loquillo, Javier Gurruchaga, Pablo Carbonell and even Pedro Reyes, among many others.


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