Current Definition and Meaning

Current is a term with origin in the Latin word actuālis. It is an adjective that allows us to name what happens or exists at the time of which it is spoken. The concept also allows us to refer to the present (the time someone is currently in).

For example: “The current fashion indicates the use of hats and caps during the winter season”, “The current FC Barcelona player surprised again with a historic performance, scoring four goals in one match”, “We cannot continue to lament for the past: we have current problems that require an urgent solution “, ” Rafael Nadal is the current number one in the world “.

So we must also emphasize that, based on this concept that concerns us, there is what is known as actuality. That is, it is the set of those important events that are taking place in the present moment.

It is in the field of media that the terms current and topicality are most frequently used. And it is that they basically work with the whole series of events that are occurring at that moment. Thus, for example, it is often said that a politician is topical when he is developing some type of campaign or when he has been involved in a relevant situation.

The adjective of current can be used associated with various terms. A current disease is a synthesis that describes the symptoms or disorders expressed by a person at the time they seek medical attention. When the subject is not in a position to express himself, the current disease is inferred by the doctor from the information provided by the relatives and from the initial observation.

The current sin, on the other hand, is the act by which a human being sins voluntarily. This conscious act of thought, word, or deed that violates right reason or divine command. Actual sin can be commission (a positive act that violates the prohibitive precepts of religion) or omission (does not do what has been ordered).

Another religious notion is actual grace, which is the occasional help given by God to man.

In the same way, it should not be overlooked that in Spain, specifically in the Rioja city of Logroño, there is an important annual event called Actual. It is a festival that revolves around contemporary cultures and their various manifestations.

For this reason, the program of this event includes from art exhibitions to illustration workshops, including concerts, film screenings, monologues or theatrical performances of different types.

This coming year 2014, Logroño plans to celebrate its Actual’14 from 2 to 6 January. It is a great success that is expected to be achieved with this event, of culture and for culture, which has been taking place since 2000 thanks to institutions from La Rioja such as the city council itself or the Ministry of Education, Culture and Tourism of the Government of the autonomous community.

For geology, the current period is the one we are still in. This period would have started between 10,000 and 8,000 years ago.


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