Cyborg Definition and Meaning

What is a Cyborg?

A cyborg is a being or creature formed by organic matter and technological (cybernetic) devices that aim to improve the capacities of the organic part.

The idea of ​​a cyborg does not exactly correspond to other terms such as robot, automaton, or android. This word comes from the English cyborg. It is an acronym formed in the middle of the 20th century with the first three letters of the words cybernetic and organism , in Spanish ‘organismo cibernético’). The first derived from the Greek κυβερνητικός ( kubernētikos, “good pilot”). Sometimes in Spanish it appears written in its original form as ‘cyborg’.

Originally, it was used to describe the idea of ​​a human being whose abilities could be enhanced to survive in extraterrestrial environments.

A cyborg is a futuristic concept that describes a human being with technological mechanisms. Examples of humans with technological devices (for example, people with pacemakers or cochlear implants) can be found in medical science, but in these cases the word ‘cyborg’ is not used.

The term belongs more to the field of science fiction. This approach has been used in multiple futuristic representations. It appears in the world of cinema, literature (novels, comics …) and video games, among others. An example of a cyborg could be the main character in the movie Robocop .

Cyborg from DC Comics

Cyborg is the name of a DC Comics superhero. It is a character that in his original human form was called Victor Stone and that after an accident some parts of his body were replaced by technological devices that keep him alive and provide him with superhuman abilities. It first appeared in 1980.

Cyborg 009 and the Japanese manga

Cyborg 009 (Japanese: 009, Saibōgu 009 ) is a Japanese adventure and science fiction manga and anime created by Shōtarō Ishinomori. It started being published in Japanese magazines in 1964 and has been adapted into movies and television series. It is also the name of the protagonist, also called Shimamura Jō. It owes its name to the fact that it was the ninth cyborg in the 00 series.

What is a Cyborg

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