Derby Definition and Meaning

The Earl of Derby, a region of England, was the driving force behind a major horse race that became very popular. Over time, the idea of ​​derby began to be associated with the most famous horse competitions. In this sense, we have to state that the term derby has its etymological origin in English, exactly in derby, in honor of that aristocrat, called Edward Stanley (1752 – 1834), who began to organize that thoroughbred horse race in the year 1778 at his estate, Epsom Oaks. Since then it has become the most important of the year.

The concept is accepted by the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) as a derby. Specifically, the first meaning of derby mentioned in the RAE dictionary refers to a horse race that takes place annually and in which three-year-old thoroughbred animals participate.

The Kentucky derby (which takes place in the US town of Louisville) and the Epson derby (in the English county of Surrey) are among the world ‘s best-known derbies.

The term derby is also used in countries such as Spain and Italy to refer to a sporting event featuring teams whose supporters maintain a well- known rivalry. Generally, derbies take place between teams from the same city, although they can also be related to historical or even cultural reasons.

Equivalent to the notion of a classic, a derby usually generates great interest among the public. In football, the Madrid derby is contested by Real Madrid and Atlético de Madrid, while the Milan derby pits Milan and Inter, to name two cases.

The great interest and rivalry that a derby arouses, such as the one mentioned or the one between the football teams of FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, also brings with it the need for the authorities to maximize security to the maximum. Thus, in order to avoid strong clashes between the most radical fans of one club and another, it is necessary to reinforce the measures taken in this regard.

In this way, not only are a greater number of police agents assigned to the surroundings of the stadium in question, but, in the same way, there is an increase in the searches that are carried out when accessing the field. And it is that it is the way to avoid “pitched battles” as well as the entrance to that of flares and weapons of all kinds.

Derby games generate millions of dollars from ticket sales and television rights. Due to the intense rivalry between the fans, incidents sometimes occur in the stadiums.

In the same way, we cannot ignore either that Derbi was the name of a Spanish motorcycle manufacturer that was founded in 1922 and that was integrated into the Italian group Piaggio. Of course, in 2013 he disappeared manufacturing his last motorcycle.


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