Girdle Definition and Meaning

The first thing we are going to do, before entering fully into determining the meaning of the term girdle, is to establish the etymological origin of the word at hand. Specifically, we have to show that it emanates from Latin, exactly from the word “cingere”, which can be translated as “press”.

To wrap is a verb that refers to adjusting, tightening or surrounding something. For example: “You have to tighten the nut a little more if you don’t want the water to continue coming out”, “The dressmaker suggested that I tighten the dress a little to highlight my curves”, “If you continue to lose weight, I will have to tighten all your clothes ”.

It is common to use the notion of tight (tight, tight) to refer to the dress or clothing that fits the body. In this way, tight clothing differs from loose or baggy clothing. In general, those who wear tight clothes seek to show their body shapes: “My husband gets jealous when I wear a tight skirt”, “The singer drove his followers crazy with a tight shirt that highlighted his muscles.

The idea of ​​sticking can also be linked to a moderation or reduction of something (words, expenses, etc.): “We will have to stick to the budget if we want to go on vacation in the summer”, “The president’s speeches are interesting, but It should be snuggled a bit to shorten the length.

In these times of economic crisis that are being experienced in various corners of the world, it is said that many are the people who have found themselves in the need of having to “tighten their belts” in order to get ahead. With that expression what is meant is that they have had to reduce the expenses they make so that their economy does not look so resentful and they can continue living with the basic needs covered as well as possible.

Likewise, we cannot ignore an expression that is used with some frequency within the marine field. We are referring to “girdle the flank”, which has been used in films such as “The Hunt for Red October” (1990), which revolves around life in a submarine. With this expression we want to express that it is necessary to increase the speed in the boat.

Conforming, adapting or limiting oneself to a certain issue is another meaning of sticking: “To solve this problem in a short time, we must stick to what is important and leave the superfluous aside”, “We must limit the meeting to the subject of suppliers: later we will focus on new products ”, “ At the request of the organizers of this talk, my dissertation will focus on the effects of climate change on the residents of large cities ”.

Starting from this last meaning, we would have to state that it is common in a trial to resort to the use of girdles. Thus, when a witness is testifying and tells about things that are superfluous or of no interest, lawyers or even the judge often use the phrase: “please stick to the facts and the questions that have been asked.”


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