Guerrilla Definition and Meaning

guerrilla, in military vocabulary, can refer to different things: a skirmish, an armed fighting systema troop made up of small command groups or a military organization other than the Army. The word, as such, is a diminutive of war, which comes from the Germanic werra , which means ‘fight’, ‘discord’.

In military tactics, the guerrilla acts as an auxiliary troop to the army, and acts in accordance with its strategic objectives. It is deployed, mainly, in natural lands and difficult for the foreigner to access. Its type of fight consists in carrying out surprise attacks, ambushes, blasting of facilities, bridges and roads, as well as the theft of weapons and provisions, all with the purpose of weakening the enemy.

On the other hand, as a guerrilla can also be called a military organization, other than the Army, whose objective is the imposition of a political, social and economic model contrary to the interests of the government or the political leadership of the country.

In Latin America , from the second half of the twentieth century, guerrillas were raised as armed struggle organizations to face the dictatorial regimes and social injustices of the continent. As such, they used both rural and urban environments to fight. Some guerrilla movements, as in the case of Cuba, were victorious and took power and implemented the socialist model, and others, as in the case of Colombia, with the FARC or the ELN, or Mexico, with the Zapatista guerrilla, they keep alive, despite not having ascended to power.

Urban guerrilla

As an urban guerrilla, it is called a specific system of armed struggle that employs guerrilla tactics designed to develop and apply in an urban environment. In this sense, it is part of a coordinated military combat strategy whose objectives range from the anti-colonial struggle and national liberation, to the revolutionary, counterrevolutionary or overtly terrorist struggle. As such, it is a type of struggle that arose in the second half of the twentieth century and, since then, has had multiple manifestations throughout America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Guerrilla in Marketing

In Marketing and Advertising, guerrilla marketing is called the set of marketing strategies and techniques that use unconventional media as a way to reach your target audience, focusing primarily on alternative spaces to traditional advertising spaces. Thus, guerrilla marketing prefers to appeal to ingenuity and creativity to generate a positive impact on its audience. Thus, it uses media such as graffiti, stencils, posters, web pages, social networks, actors, flashmobs, e-mailing or cyberbuzone, among others.

Communication guerrilla

As a communication guerrilla, or communication guerrilla, it is called the set of subversive political practices that use unconventional forms of communication to intervene in conventional communication processes. Its objective, as such, is to make visible the power relations of societies with capitalist systems in order to question them. In this sense, it is a type of political action that specifically attacks the message of the dominant discourse.

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