Guide Definition and Meaning

Guide can be a person, a manual, a model or a list.

A guide person, for example, a tour guide, exercises the function of guiding people along the roads and places of interest of the city or place they do not know and entering the relevant information.

A guide person can also be a spiritual guide who has the function of guiding people in their spirituality, that is, in the immaterial aspects of the human essence.

A guide is considered a model or something that should be followed. This definition refers to both a person, an act, a document, a procedure or a star, such as the star of Bethlehem or “a practical guide that contains the models of the documents necessary to apply for a contest.”

Guide is used to refer to a document or catalog that contains a list on a subject, for example, “The Michelin guide lists the most prestigious restaurants and dishes in the world.”

Guide also indicates a manual that collects relevant information about something like, for example, a route and road guide for a city or country.

Guide in machines is a piece or indication that forces another piece to follow a movement in the space indicated, for example, “the guide rail prevents saws from causing accidents and helps the cut to be defined”.

Guide synonyms are: counselor, driver, manual, catalog, model, treaty, list, brochure, vademecum.

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