Gutural Definition and Meaning

Gutural is a sound created or related to the throat. It is derived from the Latin gutturalis that has the root word ‘throat’.

Gutural is associated with noises, screams and guttural songs. The guttural noises are those that force the throat to make sounds like some words of the alphabet as the letter ‘K’.

The guttural cries are generally associated with terrifying cries but with appropriate learning techniques can become a song.

The tuvas, a town of Mongol origin south of Siberia, dominate the technique of guttural singing, harmonic singing or diffonic singing. In the song kh öö meior khoomii the tuvas manage to sing two notes at the same time: one sharp as a flute and the other guttural using the throat.

The modern guttural singing is associated with the bands Metal in all its derivations: grindcoredeathcorehardcore and death metal. The guttural song in this type of music is called death growl in English.

The guttural song or death growl are divided into 3 types:

  • Inward screaming(‘inner scream’): it consists of a scream that controls the sound pressure and the volume without pressure in the throat.
  • Pig Squeal(‘pig shriek’): It is a high-pitched scream like the pig does. It consists of putting the tongue on the palate while swallowing air instead of throwing the air.
  • Fry(fried): it is a sharp and scraped scream. It consists of tightening the throat to close the vocal cords while shouting.


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