Hamsa Definition and Meaning

Hamsa is a term of Arabic origin that means “five”, referring to the 5 fingers of the human hand.

The hamsa is present in several Eastern doctrines, such as in Judaism, Islam, and Buddhism, with their own meanings according to each religion. The hamsa, or “Mirian’s hand” term used in the Jewish world, although also known as “hand of Fatima” by Muslims, and by Buddhism called “Abhaya Mundra”.

As such, it is adopted as an amulet for the protection of the evil eye, and any misfortune.

The symbol of the “hamsa hand” is characterized by representing the design of a symmetrical right hand with five fingers: the middle finger in the center, the ring and index finger sides, a little shorter than the heart and equal between yes, and at the ends two thumbs, the same size and somewhat curved outward.

Sometimes, it contains other symbols such as eyes, stars of David, fish, and others with the intention of strengthening the power of hamsa that has innumerable representations. For example: when it is represented with the fingers together, the amulet serves for good luck, in the case of having separate fingers it is used to ward off negative energies, according to popular tradition.

In relation to the above, the Muslims relate the five fingers of the hand with the pillars of Islam, while the Jews attribute the symbolism to the five books of the Torah.

Fatima‘s hand

The hamsa also acquires the name of Fatima, because the Prophet Muhammad had a daughter that Muslims venerate with great devotion.

Fatima, busy in the kitchen preparing food, hearing that her husband Ali arrived unexpectedly, goes out to receive it, and her big surprise is that she was accompanied by a beautiful concubine. Fatima with a prudent and silent attitude, returns to the kitchen with great sadness, paid no attention to her actions, and had a pot on the fire with boiling broth and put her hand to remove the stew.

Fatima due to the strong pain that was going through her heart, she didn’t feel the physical pain, but Ali saw what was happening and, she pounced on her, screaming, at which time Fatima realized that her hand was burning and the He took out of the pot.

In virtue of the above, “the hand of Fatima” represents good luck and the virtues of patience, faithfulness and fertility. In addition, protection, especially for pregnant women, for their protection of the womb.

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