Hand Spinner Definition and Meaning

The hand spinner or fidget spinner, is a device used as an anti-stress toy that has a mobile central axis with two or three arms that act as a counterweight, which contain a kind of ring with bearings, and make turns in the form of a propeller.

To rotate the hand spinner, the device must be held in the center with the thumb and ring finger, or index finger, as comfortable for the user. Then, it is rotated and the device can be kept moving for up to more than three continuous minutes.

The hand spinners are no larger than the palm of the hand and can be made of plastic, metal and even ceramic, have LED lights and have different designs in the shapes of their propellers.

As the central axis is mobile and comes out on both sides of the hand spinner , that makes its rotating movement easier and that several tricks can be performed such as keeping it spinning on a finger, on a table, on the tip of the nose, in the lid of a bottle, etc.

In different web pages you can find different tutorials in which they explain how you can do various tricks with the hand spinner and make its use even more attractive.

The hand spinner was created by the chemical engineer Catherine Hettinger, approximately in 1993. However, years later she lost the patent of her creation because she could not make the payment corresponding to the renewal of the patent.

For a short time, this device has become fashionable and has become popular among children, youth and adults, especially as it is considered an anti-stress toy.

However, in many schools they have banned its use inside the facilities because it generates great dispersion and deconcentration among students.

But, beyond those school distractions, the hand spinner is an ideal toy for people who suffer from anxiety or excess stress can calm their emotions, regain calm and concentration in their daily chores.

The use of this device has also been used in patients with autism, depression, anxiety and attention deficit. Another function attributed to the hand spinner is the possibility of releasing stress and energy.

The hand spinner can be purchased through various sales pages online or in physical stores. But, if the person wishes, on the Internet there are also published different tutorials on how you can manually and at home make some hand spinner models.

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