Handicap Definition and Meaning

Handicap is an English word that means ‘disadvantage’. As such, it refers to the condition or circumstance in which a disadvantage of one thing is noticed in relation to another or others.

In the field of sports, it is known as a handicap to the disadvantages that are imposed on the best participants in order to match their possibilities in relation to the least favorite. The handicap sometimes has to do with adding or subtracting a certain number of goals or points, granting certain meters of advantage or imposing more weight on a competitor (in speed tests).

The use of the voice is discouraged with the sense of an unfavorable or disadvantageous situation of one person or thing with respect to another, since in Spanish there are equivalents to refer to that situation as, for example, disadvantage, obstacle or impediment.

Handicap on bets

In the betting world there are essentially two types of handicaps to level the participants of a contest: the European and the Asian.

European handicap

In the European handicap, a certain number of points or goals are subtracted from the favorite to be added to the weakest opponent. For example, in football, if team A starts as a clear favorite over team B, then the handicap could be 0: 3, adding three goals to team B. Thus, if team A wins by 4: 0, with the handicap the result of the bet would be, however, 4: 3. In this way, the one who has bet on the handicap bet of team B has won.

Asian handicap

The Asian handicap has certain peculiarities that differentiate it from the European one. Mainly, in this handicap it is not possible to bet on the tie, and if there is one, the money is returned to the punters. The purpose of the Asian handicap is to avoid the imbalance between two teams or opponents by assigning an advantage to one of them, be it goals, points, games, etc.

Handicap on polo

In polo, each player has a certain handicap depending on the amount of goals he is able to score for his team in each game, hence he is valued depending on the goals he is worth for his team. The minimum is zero goals, while the maximum is ten. Since each team has four players, the maximum handicap for a polo team is forty goals.

Handicap in golf

In golf, it is known as a handicap to the number of hits awarded to a player before starting to play. The purpose of the golf handicap is that golfers with different levels can compete in the same tournament.

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