International Agreement Definition and Meaning

It is called an agreement, covenant, or understanding that two or more parties establish. International, on the other hand, is that related to two or more countries or that is related to different nations from its own.

An international agreement, therefore, is an agreement that protagonists from different countries institute. It may be from different States, but also from companies, clubs or other organizations.

For example: “Five South American countries established an international agreement to favor exports”, “The Spanish team signed an international agreement with the Argentine institution with the aim of attracting new talent”, “Our company has signed several international agreements to expand into different markets ”.

Suppose a country has a significant debt to an agency made up of five nations. Given the difficulties in paying what is owed, the government decides to renegotiate the conditions of the debt with its creditors. After numerous talks and meetings, the debtor country establishes an international agreement with the agency: it suspends the payment for two years and then resumes its obligation, but with a deduction of 20% of the interest. This gives the debtor time to recover his finances and raise the necessary funds to meet the payments. The creditor, for his part, grants him these benefits since, on the contrary, he runs the risk of never collecting the debt.

Eight countries, on the other hand, can sign an international agreement to combat climate change. These nations are committed to reducing their polluting emissions and investing in new technologies.

Many are the international agreements that have been made and that even now remain in force. However, among the most significant we can highlight some such as the following:
-The international agreement to reduce greenhouse gases, which are considered truly harmful to the environment and climate. It was recently adopted, specifically in October 2016, taking Kigali (Rwanda) as the setting.
-The European agreement on the international transport of dangerous goods by road, which was made in Geneva in September 1957.
-Among the most significant is also the well-known Kyoto Protocol, which also aims to solve environmental problems at the national level. global and long-term.

However, perhaps among the most relevant in all of history are some such as this:
-The United Nations Charter that shaped the United Nations.
-The North Atlantic Treaty, which came to establish in 1949 what was the NATO military alliance.
-The international treaty signed in 1,258 BC by the Hittite King Hattusil III with the Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses II. They signed it for peace after having taken place one of the bloodiest and largest battles in history such as the one known as the Battle of Kadesh.
-The Geneva Conventions, which developed over several years, and which revolved around how to treat prisoners of war, civilians during times of warfare. That and also the treatment that the victims of the battlefield should receive.

International Agreement

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