Joke Definition and Meaning

What is a joke?

A joke is a story that is told, shared, displayed, or displayed for the purpose of making a specific audience laugh. Usually it is an anecdote, a comment or a play on words. However, an image or sequence of images may be intended for laughing purposes, such as comic strips.

Apparently, the word comes from the verb “chistar”, which in turn comes from the interjection “chist”, which is used to attract attention when someone wants to be heard. Indeed, a joke requires the full attention of the audience in order to follow the anecdote.

The following are synonyms of the word “joke”: facet or charrasquido. Other related terms are prank or game.

Jokes, such as humorous speeches, can use different resources, such as puns, ironies, mockery, parody, etc. According to the resources and topics you use, it responds to different typologies. Let’s see.

Types of jokes

Psychology has extensively studied the phenomenon of jokes, since they constitute an important symbolic phenomenon of social representation.

Sigmund Freud, in fact, classified them into at least two large groups: innocent and biased jokes. The former would correspond to those whose sole purpose is to make people laugh. The tendentious would correspond to those who contain a certain level of hostility, obscenity, aggression or eroticism.

Thus, innocent jokes are popularly known as white jokes. The others can be considered biased jokes. Namely:

  • White jokes: These are jokes that can be heard and understood by all kinds of audiences, whose sole purpose is to have fun and relax. They often use word games.
  • Black jokes: Refers to those anecdotes that deal with cruel topics such as death, disease, misfortune or discrimination.
  • Red, red or green jokes: They are those that have sex and eroticism by main theme.
  • Double-jokes: they are anecdotes or stories that hide a second non-apparent meaning, masked in ambivalent words. Most of the time, this type of joke refers to some erotic element, but not necessarily.
  • Jokes about stereotypes: these are based on gender (male jokes), race (racist jokes), origin (region or nationality) or occupations (jokes about lawyers or politicians). Stereotypes will depend on each culture.

What is Joke

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