Ko Mak, Thailand

Ko Mak is a small tropical island with an area of ​​only 16 square meters. km. Here you will not find a single nightclub, shopping center and other attributes of a developed Thai resort. But the island is pierced by numerous bicycle paths, dive schools operate on the beaches, and a forest of coconut and rubber trees begins a stone’s throw from the hotel. Actually, the fact that Ko-Mak is a relatively new tourist destination is evidenced by the structure of exports: the island earns more from the sale of rubber than from tourists. Of course, everything will change with time, but for now, a trip to Ko-Mak is a great opportunity to have a good rest in the bosom of nature. Check ANDYEDUCATION.COM to learn more about Thailand.

How to get to Ko Mak

The island is located in the eastern part of the Gulf of Thailand, 35 km from mainland Thailand. From Moscow, the path to Ko Mak will lie through Bangkok. From Sheremetyevo, one Aeroflot flight flies there daily at 19:20. At Bangkok airport, you need to transfer to a Bangkok Airlines plane to Trat, a city on the border with Cambodia. From Trat you need to get to the Laem Ngop pier (20 km from the airport), this can be done by taxi or minibus. There are also direct buses to Laem Ngop from Bangkok (Ekamai bus terminal), departure at 6:30, 9:45 and 19:30, travel time is about 6 hours.

In Laem Ngope you need to take a ferry or speedboat to Ko Mak (40 km between them). You can check the schedule and buy tickets at the office. carrier’s website (in English).

It should be noted that ferries and boats of different carriers moor on Ko Mak to different piers. Detailed information can be obtained at the port of Laem Ngopa.


Ko Mak is a very small island, so there is no public transport. An asphalt road runs between the main beaches, and an unpaved road between the secondary ones. The main means of transportation on the island are motorcycle taxis and tuk-tuks, which are located at the main piers of Ko Mak. There are several companies offering scooter rentals. The island is relatively flat, so you can also rent a bike – there are several offices here. Bikes are also issued in hotels. But there is no car rental on the island – traveling by car is expensive and inconvenient.

Ko Mak Hotels

Almost all hotels in Ko Mak are bungalows. They are about the same level (similar to 3 “stars”) and cost around 1300-4500 THB per day. You can find options for 700 THB, but accommodation will be relatively far from the coastline. There are several four-star hotels on Ko Mak, they are located next to Ao-Kao beach. A day in them costs about 2500-2900 THB. The prices on the page are for August 2021.


The length of the coastline of Ko Mak is 27 km. Two large beaches stretch along it: Ao Kao and Ao Suan Yai. They are both calm, without crowds of tourists, but with a developed infrastructure: cafes, bars, dive schools, rental offices.

Located in the southwestern part of Koh Mak, Ao Khao is longer and slightly more popular than Ao Xuan Yai. It consists of several segments, separated from each other by stone reefs. The sandy shore and smooth entry into the sea make it suitable for families with children. Sun loungers and umbrellas are provided by local bars – just buy a cocktail. You can retire in the uninhabited central part of the beach, however, you need to be prepared for the fact that the sand may be dirty due to algae.

Northwestern Ao Suan Yai is considered more “tourist-oriented”: there is a wider choice of hotels, the sea is a little smaller, and the coastline is cleaned more thoroughly. There are few sunbeds on the beach, you can take them, again buying a cocktail at the bar.

Cafes and restaurants

Restaurants and cafes do not stand by the beaches of Ko Mak as a continuous wall. There are not many of them, but they are all within a 5-10 minute walk. The largest assortment of dishes is offered by establishments on the street, which stretches parallel to Ao Kao beach. Basically, they cook inexpensive dishes from freshly caught fish, stuffed baguettes, which are loved by Thais, baked potatoes, soups with coconut milk, fresh salads, mussels with sweet sauce.

The cost of dishes ranges from 50 to 250 THB. Local fast food – usually a bag with a mix of seafood or rice with vegetables and seasonings – will cost 90-150 THB.

Sights in Ko Mak

Ko Mak is purely a beach resort. There is no outstanding historical heritage in the form of architectural ensembles or ancient temples, for all this you need to go to the mainland. The only more or less significant place to visit on the island is a Buddhist temple, and it is very modest, with only a few small Buddha statues. On holidays, solemn ceremonies are held here, in which only believing Thais take part. The rest of the time it is available for visiting by everyone. The temple is located in the south of Ko Mak at the pier of Ao Nid Pir (GPS coordinates: 11.807086, 102.485060).

If you get tired of swimming, sunbathing and enjoying cheap and delicious food, you can buy a tour and go to the neighboring islands in a kayak. For example, Ko Kradad is famous for its miniature wild deer. The island is practically uninhabited, so nothing threatens these cute creatures.

Weather on Ko Mak

The best time to visit Ko Mak is from November to March. At this time, the sky over the island is clear, and the temperature is comfortable. In March-April, hot weather sets in. The rainy season lasts from May to October.

Ko Mak, Thailand

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