Lido di Jesolo, Italy

The resort of Lido di Jesolo is comfortably located in the north of the Apennine Peninsula, on the very shore of the Adriatic Sea. Due to the fact that it is surrounded by the Alps, there are never storms and winds here, and the rather shallow sea off the coast of Lido di Jesolo can warm up to +25 ° C in the summer months. In general, the swimming season here begins at the end of spring, and lasts approximately four and a half months. It is at this time that a huge number of tourists from all over Europe come here.

The city is quite quiet, devoid of the usual tourist fuss, at the same time it does not look like a “sleepy kingdom”. To a greater extent, the resort is designed for a relaxing and family vacation, but there are also all kinds of entertainment here, which will especially appeal to noisy youth companies. Lido di Jesolo is distinguished by narrow well-groomed streets located along the coast, compact but very comfortable hotels, small cozy villas of local residents. A calm homely atmosphere reigns here, thoroughly saturated with the spirit of the Italian province, which, however, is not alien to the influence of modern civilization.

How to get to Lido di Jesolo

According to Wholevehicles, from Moscow to Lido di Jesolo, the easiest way is to fly direct Aeroflot, Alitalia or Pobeda flights to Venice or Treviso. From St. Petersburg you will have to travel with a transfer in Riga, Munich, Vienna or other European cities.

All railway and bus routes pass through Venice. The trip turns out to be more expensive than by plane, and, taking into account one or two transfers in Prague, Vienna or Budapest, it can take up to three days. The most economical way to get to Lido di Jesolo is with your own car. True, in addition to gasoline, you will have to spend money on 1-2 overnight stays on the road and the Green Card.

How to navigate

The resort is divided into 4 parts: Faro, Centro, Pineta and Cortelazzo. Each of them has its own “specialization”.

Faro is vast sea spaces, yachting, water sports. Centro – lively beaches and shops. Pineta – shady groves and flowering meadows. Well, Cortelazzo is a tavern that serves a variety of seafood dishes.

Lido di Jesolo Hotels

The distance from the farthest hotel to the sea does not exceed 200-300 m. Hotels located on the first line are directly adjacent to the beach, a small road runs between the first and second lines, and the main road goes behind the resort.

The resort (both at hotels and separately) has many beauty salons, medical and health centers with gyms, hot and mud baths, biotherapeutic treatment and massage.


First of all, Lido di Jesolo is 15 km of picturesque beaches, unsurpassed in its cleanliness and level of infrastructure development. Here you can simply bask in the sun or take warm sea baths. But there are also conditions for active recreation – if you wish, you can play volleyball, ride a catamaran, windsurf, go water skiing or dive into the rich underwater world of the Adriatic. Throughout the summer, competitions are held on the beaches for the best sand sculpture. In addition, the city has such a layout that from any of its points the beach can be reached in no more than ten minutes of leisurely walking.

Shopping and restaurants

In the evening, the whole life of Lido di Jesolo centers around the main street, where numerous bars, restaurants, taverns and pastry shops open their doors hospitably. It serves unsurpassed traditional Italian cuisine and entertains guests with a variety of shows.

Theatrical performances, performances of folk dance ensembles, fairs and all kinds of festivals are very often arranged in city squares.

And if you like to combine business with pleasure – that is, a good vacation with good shopping – then you should definitely visit the longest shopping street in all of Europe, located in Lido di Jesolo, which has a huge number of boutiques and shopping centers. It is here that you can make a lot of pleasant purchases at quite affordable prices.

Attractions, excursions and entertainment in Lido di Jesolo

The indisputable advantage of Lido di Jesolo is its proximity to one of the most beautiful and most romantic cities in the world – Venice. Having overcome the distance of only thirty kilometers, or having made a pleasant boat trip, you can see the Venetian fairy tale with your own eyes, and even become one of its heroes for a while. You can endlessly wander through really narrow, confusing streets along the canals, take a gondola ride, see the city from the observation deck of the Cathedral of Santa Maria Maggiore and visit at least one of the islands of the Venetian lagoon, where life goes on at a completely different pace.

In addition, one-day sightseeing tours are organized from Lido di Jesolo to Florence, once the main Italian city, and Verona, where antiquity, the Middle Ages and modernity miraculously combine.

Do not miss the opportunity to see the mountain lakes located very close to the resort. For example, Lake Santa Croce at the very foot of the mountain, there is a funicular that will take you to a height of more than two thousand meters above sea level, where you can look at the lakes and nearby villages from a bird’s eye view. Nearby there are picturesque villages and an old castle, perfectly preserved to our time.

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Amusement parks

You can get a dose of adrenaline and a lot of positive emotions in the Aqualandia city water park or in one of the amusement parks. Both children and adults will be delighted with Gardaland – a real fairy-tale town located on the picturesque Lake Garda, with an incredible number of attractions and entertainment, and second only to Disneyland Paris in scale.

Lido di Jesolo, Italy

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