Pressing Definition and Meaning

Acuciante is an adjective that derives from the verb acuciar: to incite, disturb or pressure someone to do something. That which is pressing, therefore, forces us to make a decision or to carry out some action in an imperious, inexcusable, peremptory or imminent way.

For example: “This town has pressing needs that the government must address”, “The pressing economic difficulties threaten to bankrupt the company”, “The need for medicines and medicinal products in the region became pressing after the outbreak of war ”.

Let’s look at each case. The “pressing needs” of a people mean that people cannot lead a dignified life or are even at risk of death. Lack of housing, lack of basic services and difficulties in accessing food can be classified as “pressing needs”.

The “economic difficulties” can also become pressing when a company does not obtain the resources that allow it to function and generate profits. A company that has more expenses than income during a prolonged period can close its doors, leaving workers unemployed. So the economic problems are pressing: they must be resolved urgently.

Similarly, a region that is at war requires elements that allow people to be healed and treated. These elements must arrive urgently to minimize loss of life.

In the same way, it is also very common for this adjective that concerns us to be used within the field of health. Specifically, it is used when someone has a very serious disease that has just been diagnosed by the doctor and it requires urgent treatment in order to avoid further damage.

The same happens when someone enters the emergency department of a hospital with a critical condition. In this case, it is essential that the doctors attend to him in a pressing manner in order to ensure that his condition does not worsen and even that his life is not in serious danger.

When we talk about Third World countries, for example, it is determined that in many of them the most pressing problem that would require action by world organizations and governments is hunger. This would be the case, for example, of Bama, a population belonging to Nigeria, where it is established that around 15% of children suffer from malnutrition.

When the pressing is not addressed or resolved, the consequences are usually very serious. This leads to what is considered pressing often attracts the attention of those who can act to improve the state of affairs.

Players of the famous video game “World of Warcraft” have a phase of the game that responds to the name “The pressing emptiness”. It refers to a moment that takes the Shadowmoon Cemetery as the setting, which means that his character is alone and in absolute blackness. Hence, anything can happen, so you have to be really vigilant to get out of a situation that is very dangerous.


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