Roughing Definition and Meaning

The verb roughing alludes to eliminating the coarsest or coarsest fragments of what is intended to be carved or perfected. The notion can also refer in a broader sense to reducing, spending, or minimizing a thing.

It is important not to confuse roughing with ravaging. This second term (devastate) refers to destroying or destroying something. On the other hand, words like devastate or devastate do not exist and should not be used. Expressions such as “The carpenter assured that he would be in charge of roughing the wood” or “I am going to rough the piece with the help of the router” are incorrect.

Returning to the idea of ​​roughing, it is the action carried out by those who work with wood, stone and other materials to make them smoother and neater. For roughing, different tools are needed.

It is possible to rough with a rasp, for example. This tool consists of a plastic or wooden handle and a steel spike or tip that has teeth. When passing the rasp through the wood, small splinters and imperfections are removed: that is, the material is roughened.

When you need to rough metal, you can use a file. This instrument has a ridged surface that smoothes and abrades the surface on which it is rubbed.

With a hammer and chisel, on the other hand, various materials are roughened. For this, the chisel must be supported on the object and then carefully hit with the hammer. The act of roughing is done thanks to the edge of its mouth.

Tips for grinding metal

Here are some tips for using an angle grinder with a grinding wheel for metalworking. Grinders are very useful machines for this type of task, since they also allow planing, polishing and cutting, and are easily available in home and garden stores.

Although it may seem unnecessary, the first piece of advice is to carefully read the grinder’s instruction manual, as well as the safety brochure that always comes with the grinding wheel (the stone disk that is installed in the machine to perform the desired task). In addition, it is necessary to choose the type of protection and the appropriate grinding wheel diameter, according to the recommendations for the material to be roughed.

It is also advisable to check the markings found on the disc, among which are: the declaration that the product complies with the EN 12413 standard ; the speed of the grinding wheel in revolutions per minute, which must be equal to or greater than that of the grinder; the expiration date is usually also included, in the center of the disk. You should never use a wheel that shows any damage, and in the same way it is important to buy the right one for the material you want to work with.

Another important point to take into account is the insulation of the machine, something that should be checked before using it. Before starting to grind it is necessary to place the protector and make sure that it is well adjusted, especially to protect us from debris that can jump if the surface is fractured. Protection is mandatory: no matter how much experience we have, we should never work without it.

It is also advisable to use the appropriate personal protective equipment: clothing, a mask, gloves, and eye and ear accessories. Regarding the piece that we want to rough, we must make sure that it does not move, that is, that it is well adjusted; Similarly, it is important to keep the work area neat and clean. Let’s not forget that if someone accompanies us, they must also use the aforementioned protective equipment.


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