Shabby Definition and Meaning

The term shabby is used in Spanish territory as an adjective. The concept can describe that of poor quality, bad care or poor. For example: “Last night I saw a crappy movie”, “We are staying in a crappy hotel that is located a kilometer from the center”, “Maria has her house decorated with crappy objects”.

In the case of objects and places, the term shabby is a kind of “wild card” that allows us to refer to a large number of negative characteristics, although they all point to a lack of quality, to a poor finish. Let’s start by analyzing the first of the three examples presented in the previous paragraph: a movie can be described in this way as having a predictable plot, untalented actors, a cheesy script or unbelievable special effects, among many other features.

A shabby hotel, on the other hand, has probably been decorated in poor taste, using too cheap decorations, with a very busy or bland color scheme, has a service that leaves much to be desired, does not stand out for its level of hygiene and its Walls do not adequately insulate noise. In short, no person who can choose a better hotel would go to a seedy one.

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The third example can be related to the previous one, since we are talking about a house whose decoration gives us the idea of ​​”poor quality”, “cheap items”, “bad taste”. Of course, no one is obliged to follow a line when buying or decorating their home, and for this reason they should not allow the opinion of others to condition them.

This leads us to the importance of taking care of words when making judgments about things and people around us: using terms like crappy can be funny if with a group of friends we refer to a movie that we did not like., but very cruel if we are talking about a creation of one of them, for example.

The notion of seedy can also be applied to miserable, petty or stingy people : “ We have a seedy mayor who does nothing to improve the life of his people”, “Stay away from that seedy kid”, “How seedy is your boss ! I should raise your salary. ”

It can be said that crappy is an adjective with a pejorative meaning. Its etymology is not clear: it is believed that it could derive from the French croûte, which in turn comes from the Latin crusta. Croûte means “crust” or “bark”, which is why the meaning of shabby may have begun to be forged from the disposable pieces of food. The crappy, in this sense, has no value.

Other words derive from the idea of ​​shabby. The set of shabby things or individuals is called shabby ( “ This place is a shabby” ). The cutrería, cutredad or cutrez, on the other hand, is the condition of being cutre (“I don’t like the cheapness of this bar”, “I don’t tolerate such cheapness”, “The cutrez of stealing from a child is outrageous” ).

Cutre, finally, is the name of a stream found in the Spanish province of Oviedo. Also called Cuti, it has two main arms and trout abound in its waters, a fish that represents an important income for the fishing industry.

The Cutre stream is formed with the waters coming from the Pantano del Recuesto and from the slopes of Mount La Tana, parishes of Roces and Tremañes, respectively. In addition to the two main arms, it has two bridges; its waters descend from the hill where the parish of Ceares is located and from the springs of the town of Gijón, before flowing into the sea.


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