Shopping Center Definition and Meaning

Center, from the Latin centrum, is a term that can refer, for example, to the space where people gather for some purpose. Commercial, for its part, is an adjective that names what belongs to or relates to commerce or merchants.

We should emphasize that commercial is a word that has its etymological origin in Latin. And this is how we discover it when we see that it is composed of the following Latin parts: the prefix “with”, which can be translated as “completely”; the noun “merx”, which is equivalent to “merchandise”; and the suffix “-al”, which is synonymous with “relative to”.

The notion of a shopping center, therefore, is linked to the construction that houses shops and commercial premises. Its objective is to bring together, in the same space, various proposals so that potential customers can make their purchases more comfortably.

The buyer, when visiting a shopping center, already knows that he will find various offers in the same building and that he has the possibility of satisfying his consumption needs without going to another place. So this type of center, which is also known shopping center, shopping or mall, including local shopping, restaurants, cinemas and other services.

It is important to establish that there are various types of shopping centers. Specifically, among the most significant are the following:
• Community Center. The main peculiarity of this modality is the fact that it is intended for daily use by customers. Hence, it is equipped with a supermarket so that they can find the essential products they require. As a general rule, they have a single floor and it is usual that they also incorporate cinemas.
• LifeStyle Center. Within the set of shopping centers that currently exist around the world, this type has managed to become one of the largest and most spectacular. And it is that there are a multitude of services of all kinds. Thus, in addition to shops, they are made up of hotels and even large spaces to hold business meetings or events of a certain size.
• Fashion Mall. As its name suggests, this guy that we now introduce you to revolves around what the world of fashion would be like. Hence, it is made up of a minimum of one hundred stores dedicated exclusively to clothing. It is also identified because it does not incorporate a supermarket.

The concept of shopping center has similarities with the meaning of market. Shopping malls tend to be larger and have one or two anchor stores (an establishment capable of attracting shoppers on its own), while markets may be located in open spaces (without a roof).

Beyond the commercial offer, shopping centers stand out for being a place of leisure and entertainment. It is common for people to take a visit to the shopping center as an outing or a walk, taking the opportunity to shop, have lunch or dinner, go to the movies, etc. Many malls even have large playgrounds for the whole family.

Shopping Center

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