Speak Definition and Meaning

Speak is the act of issuing or articulating words. The word, as such, comes from the Latin fabulāri.

Talking allows us to communicate with other people through words, it is the natural way of expressing our ideas, expressing our feelings or exchanging views with other people.

Speaking, along with listening, is a fundamental component so that the communication process can be carried out and so that we can have more harmonious and fluid relationships with the people around us.

In fact, speaking is an elementary value in modern democratic societies, as it is an invitation to dialogue, to allow the other to express himself and communicate those things that interest or concern him.

We speak to make ourselves understood, to deliver speeches or make sentences, we speak in public to communicate our ideas to a large audience.

We talk to arrange or arrange business, to discuss issues with the people we interact with on a day-to-day basis. We talk to another person to let them know that we care, that we can be friends or that we like them.

We talk to criticize, to say good or bad things about something or someone. We speak to confess what we know or to tell the truth.

Synonyms to speak can be: say, express, manifest, articulate, utter; talk, talk, talk, chat; talk, rant; try, agree, agree; mutter, criticize, etc. Its antonyms would be to silence or silence.

In English, meanwhile, speaking can be translated as to talk or to speak . For example: ” I need to talk with my boss ” (I have to talk to my boss).

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