TOEFL Definition and Meaning

TOEFL Definition and Meaning

The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language, see ABBREVIATIONFINDER) is one of the most widely recognized English tests in the world.

This test assesses applicants’ ability to read, write, listen, and speak at an academic level. Taking this exam is ideal to carry out exchanges abroad, obtain academic degrees or even obtain visas for certain countries.

TOEFL Definition and Meaning

How to prepare for the TOEFL test

If you have decided to take this exam, we share seven effective recommendations that will help you pass the evaluation satisfactorily.

Before the test:

Seek the best advice

Remember that achieving a high grade requires much more than just knowing English. For this reason, we recommend you look for preparation courses with highly qualified teachers. Through these courses, you will have the opportunity to learn the technical details of the test. In addition, the teachers will be your best support to clarify doubts and overcome weak points.

Organize your schedules

It is essential to establish additional study hours to those of the course. In this way you can review and identify if something was not totally clear. Keep in mind that this is not a conventional exam, which you can pass only by memorizing answers. The test really measures the level at which you apply your language skills. The discipline and effort you have will be essential to successfully pass the test.

Take Mock Exams

The Mock Exams are tests very similar to the final exam. They give you the approximate grade you would get if you had taken the exam at that time. We suggest you take two Mock Exams before the final evaluation. One in the middle of the preparation and another a few days before the exam.

During the exam:

Follow the instructions

Before you start taking the exam, make sure you fully understand all the instructions. If they are in writing, read them at least twice and analyze them in your mind. If they are spoken, it is best that you stop everything you are doing and listen carefully. Many people have failed by not fully understanding the instructions or by missing small details.

Use your time well

Remember that each section of the exam has a time limit. Therefore, if you do not know a question, mark it so that you can return to it later In the event that you have time left, don’t let your mind wander, we recommend that you re-read each of your answers to make sure they are correct. Avoid answering in a rush, take adequate time to analyze each question.

Keep calm

Avoid getting nervous, try to stay calm and relax. Being calm allows us to think more clearly, and even be much more analytical. Concentrate and pay attention to each question. If you get nervous, you run the risk of forgetting things you have studied and consequently failing the exam.

Wear comfortable clothes

Although this is not an academic recommendation, we suggest you wear comfortable clothing. The test takes more than two hours and it will probably not be very easy to stay focused after sitting for so long. Likewise, we advise you to eat something light, and go to the bathroom before taking the exam.

6 Tips for Taking Your TOEFL Test

Preparing for a TOEFL test? Today we give you some tips to take your TOEFL test that can help you.

If learning English can become a very high goal, taking and passing the TOEFL Exam, getting a good score, can complicate the situation a bit more. Therefore, we offer these tips to take the exam and obtain a very good result.

1.Read publications in English (printed or digital), this allows you to familiarize yourself with the grammar of the language, also talk in English with someone who speaks fluently or is their native language, since it is the best way to practice the language.

  1. Record yourself on audio speaking in English on any topic, so you can accurately identify the aspects in which you need to improve: pronunciation, syntax, volume.
  2. Join English conversation circles or search for forums on the Internet, the options are many and you can find groups where the conversations revolve around your interests and hobbies.
  3. Use your books and exercises, practice the structure and rules of the language until you naturally identify each of its elements.
  4. Spend more time studying and practicing that aspect that you consider your weak point, in this way you make sure to improve these areas.
  5. Before taking the exam, rest and relax. Remember that it is a long test and you will need to be in your best shape, remember that it is a scientific fact that the brain needs a good rest to be able to perform at its best.

By following these simple tips, you will be improving your chances of a good score on your TOEFL test, and if what you are looking for is to have the confidence that you master the language, contact us and find out about our available options, this is your opportunity.