Habibi Definition and Meaning

The word habibi is masculine, originating in the Arabic language that means “my dear”, “my beloved”, “my love” and other related nicknames. The feminine form of the word habibi is habibati which means “my beloved”, “my dear”.

Habibi is a term used with positive connotation, being an expression to show affection and affection towards a person, within a sentimental relationship, friendship or any other loved one, such as father, mother, brothers, etc. For example: habibi , I love you!

On the other hand, the word habibi is a very common term in music, especially those of love, belly dance, and other Arabic culture. As a result, and as a consequence of globalization, the word habibi has transcended from its country of origin, and is observed in the literature, music, language and art of other countries.

Finally, the word habibi is similar to the nickname and male name Habib itself, being very popular in the Middle East, Africa and France.

Habibi ya nour el ain

Habibi ya nour el ain in Spanish means “my dear, you are the light of my eyes”. On the other hand, it is the song title of the Egyptian singer and songwriter Amr Diab, through which he expresses his love and admiration for a woman who wants to be with her until the end.

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